As regular readers of my blog will know, I was challenged by Christian Aid to give something up for Lent as part of their Give It Up For Lent campaign. I chose negativity as I’m a glass half empty kinda gal and wanted to improve my outlook and hopefully my circumstances, and if you subscribe to the Law of Attraction philosophy – that was going to make a huge difference.

I have to say at the beginning it was incredibly difficult. At the same time, work was particularly stressful and I was just beginning a training regime at the gym (which you can read about here). Being outwardly positive with my family and colleagues actually was quite easy, but the self-talk in my own head (you can’t do that, that won’t work out) was a lot harder to manage and override.

Having said that, as with all habits, it was just a case of working on it hour by hour, day by day and it did start to become easier. Over the 40 days I’ve seen lots of positive outcomes from this investment in myself too.

My colleagues at work have found me less of a dragon (OK, no one actually said that but I know what I was like before!) and as a result they have been achieving more and things are looking rather rosy on the business front.

I’ve overcome my fear of being judged at the gym and I can confidently walk in there now and hit the various weights machines that used to be so terrifying to me just weeks ago. I can even throw on a bikini and hit the jacuzzi and steam room without a friend with me to offer moral support. This is quite the change. I’ve also got ABS! Who knew at 40 and after 2 children that could happen!

I’ve been able to do more random acts of kindness as my mind has been more open to opportunities and the universe has rewarded me with lots of lovely things coming my way too.

My 40th birthday, which I expected to be a depressing affair – I hate getting older – turned out to be a fabulous day, complete with surprise birthday party organised by my husband, at a country house hotel with lots of friends I hadn’t seen for a long time which was so special.

I won’t kid you all that I didn’t have any moments where I was snappy or abrupt but compared to the old me, there was a world of difference. So much so that, as much as possible, I’m going to keep this going even now Lent has passed.

Why not give it a try? Even doing a positivity drive for just 7 days will have you hooked I am sure.