Random Acts of Kindness

5 Random Acts of Kindness You Can Do Today

Every time we open the papers there’s more bad news, more loss of humanity and generally it leaves you with the feeling that this isn’t a kind world. Without wishing to sound like a do gooder, I firmly believe that we can all turn the tide on the negative by simply being just that bit more thoughtful and kind, not just to those we love but to anyone in our communities, both local and virtual.

I’ve put together a little list of my ideas of things you could do, today, that would make someone else’s day better. Best of all they’re all free, your only outlay is your time so I’ve got a few things in here that are just a few minutes in your day to others that you could do for an hour or two if you wanted.

I hope this triggers your own ideas for things you can do today to make someone else smile, and I hope in turn, someone does the same for you.

1. If you’re taking the children / dogs / horses (my readers are a diverse bunch) to the park today, take a refuse bag and pick up any litter you find. I’m not suggesting you march round seeking it out, just pick up anything you see on your natural route. Wildlife and other park users will thank you for it!

2. Find time to post a comment on someone’s Facebook status, just to tell them they’re looking great, or you’d love to catch up in the new year. Extra karma points if it’s someone you rarely connect with as it will mean a lot.

3. Leave a review for your favourite shops, clubs and small businesses on Google or Facebook. It really makes a difference to them and takes 2 minutes of your time. You love them anyway, so just do it!

4. I bet in 2016 someone did something really kind for you. Send a thank you note. Even if you’ve already said thank you, an unexpected note dropped through their door or sent in the post will be treasured forever. Thank you notes are dying off in a world crammed with emails and WhatsApp, which don’t come with any sentiment attached.

5. Give the gift of you. If you’re a fashionista, tell your friends they can borrow any dress or shoes for a night out. If you’re a computer buff, fix a mate’s computer. A whizz with money? Offer to help your always-broke mate with a bit of budgeting to set their 2017 off to a good start. Thing about all the talents and skills of your friends. If they were offered to you, how many things in your life would improve, how much money would you save? Again, it’s just something most of us don’t do. Someone has to start it, why not us readers? You and me!

I hope this has inspired some ideas for your own Random Acts of Kindness. I’d love to hear what you do to make someone else smile! Drop a comment below.


  1. I love this and some really simple but effective idea’s here! I helped a friend set up a blog before they went traveling earlier this year, they were so grateful and it took hardly any time at all.

    Simply acts can cause huge ripples of happiness!


  2. Niki Marie Wardle

    One act of kindness I find never comes unappreciated is putting the neighbours bin out when I put mine out if she’s forgotten, life is hectic enough without chasing the bin man half dressed!!

    • theserandomacts

      I love that Niki. It sounds like you are naturally a #theserandomacts kind of girl!

  3. Marie Evans

    No 1. This is a great idea,must admit I can’t believe how much rubbish accumulates on our garden alone.We make sure we get it all picked up each week.
    No2 I do believe in Karma I feel how you treat people you get back in Spades.
    Very thought provoking page

    • theserandomacts

      Thank you Marie. I think these little things we do all contribute somewhere down the line to one of us having a better day and compounded as more people do good, this can only lead to great days for more people!

  4. I could not refrain from commenting. Well written!

    • theserandomacts

      Thank you – that’s lovely of you to take the time to send me that message!

  5. carolyn collins


    I like this post and would like to see more in 2017.

    The idea to make someone feel good with a random act of kindness is what is needed in this world of fast moving and mostly negative media frenzy.


  6. I love random acts of kindness. It will really makes a person’s day.

  7. Sarah

    Love this

  8. Hi! I really love this post. I’m a huge fan of Random Acts of Kindsness and I try to think of as many as possible. Tweeted about it for a while, you inspired me to do more with it. Thanks! And keep doing good!

  9. I love this, such an inspiring post, thanks for sharing. Off to give compliments and see if friends want to borrow anything from my wardrobe x

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