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Blue Monday? Ain’t Necessarily So…

So today is Blue Monday and allegedly the most miserable day of the year.  I don’t know how your day has gone so far but mine has been pretty average. However, if I allowed the newspapers, social media or the radio to control my mood, I think I’d be pretty depressed by now. All everyone is talking about is what a horrible day it is, how most people will have broken resolutions (not you guys, we set goals not resolutions here!) and social media is awash with #bluemonday content!

This has just made me feel really aware of how much outside influence we are bombarded with every day that can have a real impact on our demeanour and approach to a day. If you start your morning by looking at the papers online, do those stories uplift you and ignite a fire in your belly, or do they make you feel sad and hopeless with what goes on in the world? If it’s the latter, why do you continue to consume them every day?

Equally, we can all be quite guilty of denying ourselves the pleasures that would uplift our moods. Here’s a typical example and I’m guilty as heck of this one. Do you have scented candles that you’re always saving for a special occasion? Light them! A book you’re waiting for the right time to start – go get it! Some amazing bath bomb that it’s never quite the right time to treat yourself to? Make that today! And I’m not just saying today because it’s Blue Monday. Whatever day you stumble across this article, this is the day to treat yourself. Eat the chocolate, watch the sunset, light the candles, set the big goals. Whatever it is that will make you feel great and give you that lift.

And begin to look at those influences you receive every day that don’t support your happiness. Gossiping mums at the school gates. Sad stories in the news. Keyboard warriors on Facebook. Give it all a wide berth if it doesn’t make you happy. It will make a huge difference to your emotional wellbeing, in a matter of days!

Don’t wait for someone else to make you happy – you know the little things that make you smile inside. Take the opportunity to gift yourself one of those things. A random act of kindness, from yourself to yourself.

Let me know how you get on.



  1. Joanne Beardsly

    Sometimes when I feel blue I post little notes through my neighbours door to tell them how wonderful they are.

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