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Champagne to Celebrate My Upcoming 40th Birthday & Giveaway

I can’t believe I’m putting this in the public domain but on 2nd April, I’m turning 40. I still don’t know how that’s happened as the passage of time doesn’t seem to correlate at all to these advancing years! I still feel 21 and I have to be honest, it’s been the biggest challenge in my Giving Up Negativity for Lent with Christian Aid commitment.

However, when House of Townend invited me to try a case of their Champagne Gardet, I saw an opportunity to celebrate with friends… in style.

I’m one of those people that doesn’t drink too often but when I do, I always drink champagne and typically that’d be Moët et ChandonArmand de Brignac Ace of Spades or Louis Roederer Cristal. My tastes are expensive.

When I saw the price point – £125 for a case of 6 bottles (discounted from a usual price of £180.94) I was stunned as I’d pay that for a single bottle and then some, so I was interested to see what the quality of the champagne would be.

The case is 2 bottles each of Gardet Brut Tradition, Gardet Brut Reserve and Gardet Premier Cru, from their small family run house based in Chigny-les-Roses, located between Reims and Epernay.

Their Gardet Brut Tradition is made from 90% black grapes from across the entire Champagne region and is described as rich, full-flavoured and toasty. I paired this with a simple starter of mixed olives and feta which was a delightful and light combination.

The Gardet Brut Reserve is 33% Pinot Noir, 33% Pinot Meunier, 34% Chardonnay and this is a perfect accompaniment to a meal. I served up a mushroom risotto with parmesan crisp and the salty parmesan was a delicious contrast to this champagne.

Finally, to the Gardet Premier Cru. This 60% Pinot Noir, 40% Pinot Meunier blend is a perfect toasting drink so definitely one I’ll be having again on my birthday itself. It’s refreshing and easy to drink but has all the notes of a top quality champagne that you could easily pay ten times the price for.

I think House of Townend have uncovered a real gem in these champagnes, which I think would come out fabulously in a blind taste test. They truly meet and match their much more pricy counterparts and I’ve no idea how they’ve managed to deliver such quality at their prices.

I’ve actually had House of Townend products before, a case of Rioja wines and I have to say they are consistent in delivering excellent quality wines, quickly and at great value.

I’m delighted to say they’re also letting me give away a case of their Champagne Gardet to one of my blog readers too, worth an incredible £125. Enter using the Gleam widget below.

Win a Case of Champagne worth £125

Disclosure: I was gifted a case of Champagne Gardet for the purposes of tasting for the review. All opinions are entirely my own.


  1. Katie Skeoch

    A bottle of Bollinger! I’ve never had a glass of really expensive champers!

  2. James D

    The Gardet Brut Reserve – because I like matching Champagne with food.

  3. Melanie Edjourian

    Bollinger Rosé NV as I love anything with berry notes 😉

  4. Samantha J Butler

    Honestly I would love to try the harder Brut Reserve because I haven’t tried it before x

  5. Lindsey Stuart

    I would love to try the Domaine Road Pinot Gris 2013 I love that it is sweet and dry, the perfect combination.

  6. michaela atkins

    i would love to try as i do love a rose wine

  7. Amy Fidler

    Gardet Brut Tradition x

  8. mlk

    lovely selection

  9. Deborah Clarke

    Bollinger as id love to pretend to be posh and wealthy for a wee while . Ha ha. Fab giveaway would love to be your lucky winner. Fingers crossed

  10. Tania Atfield

    Barocco Prosecco sounds good to try


    id love to try the Bollinger,sounds just perfect for a special occassion.x

  12. Lauren Johnston

    The Gardet Premier Cru, it’s mine and my other halves 4 year anniversary soon, it would be nice to have something quality to toast with!

  13. Joanne Hutchings

    I’d try the Kuki Marlborough Pinot Noir. I’m no wine expert and this is their wine of the month so it seems like a good place to start.

  14. Elaine Hollis

    Gardet Brut Reserve as it sounds ace

  15. Heather Reading

    The Bollinger Rose NV, I had it recently at a friends 50th and it was divine, Rose is my favourite x

  16. Dale Dow

    The Bollinger Rose, it sounds delicious

  17. Stephen

    Glad you enjoyed them. We have loved Premier Cru for years and agree, it will be the perfect toasting drink at our wedding next month.

    Happy Birthday!

  18. Andrew Petrie

    I would like to try the Dom Perignon 2006 because I have never had the pleasure of a vintage champagne.

  19. Caroline Hunter

    I’d like to try the Machard de Gramont. It’s a French fine wine that I’ve never heard of before, I always try new things

  20. Fay

    If I could try one, it would be Dom Perignon, because to try that would be only ever in my dreams!

  21. Christine Evans

    Happy birthday for April 2nd, life begins at 40

  22. I’d love to try a Dom Perignon as I’ve never tried that brand before but do love a glass of fizz!

  23. I’d love to try the Byzantine By Gardet – it sounds lovely.

  24. Paul Halling

    Dom Perignin 1993 as I would feel like royalty lol

  25. Allie Campbell

    Dom Perignon 1993. Would love to try an expensive glass of champagne.

  26. lucie fish

    ive always fancied trying bollinger, mainly because i was obssessed with ab fab growing up and wanted to try the bolly darling!

  27. Kelly townsend

    Lovely giveaway, its my 40th birthday next month too, so congratulations xx

  28. Claire Stewart

    The Castell d’Olerdola Cava Rosé, im quite the fan of fizz especially when its slightly sweet rather than dry. This seems like it would be fitting for my palette

  29. Charlotte

    I would like to try the Brauneberger Juffer-Sonnenuhr Riesling Spätlese 2002, Dr H. Thanisch – as I do like Riesling but struggle to find good ones in the UK

  30. barbara daniels route 66 because of its fruity taste

  31. Alison McClean

    I love a glass of bubbly when the budget affords it so this would be a lovely treat.

  32. Kelly Hirst

    Monastier Cabernet Sauvignon 2015 As I love a medium bodied red wine

  33. Jodi hill

    I’d love to try Bollinger Rosé NV I loooove pink champagne!

  34. Magdalene Drummond

    I’d like to try Bollinger Rosé. I love pink bubbly, bet this is lush 🙂

  35. Sheila Reeves

    I would love to try the Gaba Do Xil Valderras 2012, Telmo Rodriguez – I like Spanish reds, and this is one from an area I’m not familiar with, sounds interesting

  36. Margaret gallagher

    BollingerRose NV I Perfect to CELEBRATE my 50TH

  37. Joanne Heath

    I like most champagnes and prosecco I have tried, but would love a glass of Bollinger rose as I have yet to try it and I have a lot to celebrate this year.

  38. Susan Jane Gray

    My hubby are so totally still Romantic and Loved up still and we have been together for 30 years. I reckon Bollinger Rose’ would definitely still keep us in the Loving Mood

  39. John Ettery

    A bottle of Bollinger, so I could pretend I am dead posh, and find out what it’s like to be rich for a while.


    I’d love to try the Avondale Armilla MCC Brut 2009, Galaxy Range because my favourite grape is Chenin Blanc & this one is Organic & biodynamic which is always my first choice when buying.

  41. Kelly

    Not sure if I’m eligible to enter competition as I have a family member who works for House of Townend but that aside I have sampled many a good wine from them. There was a time, pre child, that I too used to indulge in the odd bottle of champagne. Now my budget stretches to a decent Prosseco.
    #whatagreatjobyouhave #houseoftownend #Ilovechampagne #summernights #finewines #welcometoyourforties

  42. Sarah Nicholson

    We love Gardet, so much we are having it as our toast and welcome drink at our wedding next week!

  43. To quote Lily B “I drink Champagne when I’m happy and when I’m sad. Sometimes I drink it when I’m alone. When I have company I consider it obligatory. I trifle with it if I’m not hungry and drink it when I am. Otherwise, I never touch it — unless I’m thirsty.”

    ……….and not owning my own champagne house, I always indulge when it is FREE

  44. Holly Wainwright

    I would love to try the Taittinger Comtes de Champagne 1998. Visited Taittinger in Reims and am a big fan of blanc de blanc #chardonnayalltheway

  45. Rebecca Barnes

    It has to be their Wine of the Month… the Monastier Cabernet Sauvignon 2015. I love a good red wine to share with my partner of a Friday evening!

  46. Lorna Lyons

    I would love to try the Bollinger Rose…perfect for toasting our wedding vows in a couple of months

  47. Roofapw

    Wow a case of bubbly sounds like heaven. Belated birthday wishes by the way. Hope it’s fabulous being forty for you

  48. Emma Fearn

    As Jay and I are celebrating 20 years of marriage on Friday, I’d love to toast the next 20 with a glass or two if the Dom Perpignan 1993, we married in 1997 but hey what’s a few years

  49. Louise Evans-Clarke

    Dom Perignin cause if your going to go big, go big lol

  50. Lisa B

    Château Bonalgue 2010 Pomerol – I’m no wine expert t but do know I love a good Merlot so this looks a good one to try

  51. Zoe Lesley Fox

    A bottle of Bollinger as i never had expensive champange before so be a nice treat as may 14th is 7 years with my fella

  52. Susan Jane Gray

    Entering daily entry again. As you can tell I am a keen lover of Champagne especially Bollinger Rose’

  53. Katy c Johnston

    St Aubin 1er Cru ‘En Remilly’ 2011, Domaine Lamy. It sounds delicious and perfect for a garden party with my girls!

  54. Chloe brill

    Bollinger rose

  55. Ruth Wollerton

    Bollinger as I would love an “AB FAB” moment. Thanks for the chance xxx

  56. zoe brown

    chapel down nectar to go with a nice pudding

  57. Kalie-Dee Jones

    I’d love to try the bollinger R.D 2002. I haven’t tried many champagnes in the past but this one sounds amazing, and at the price I’m sure it’s right up there with an exquisite taste!

  58. Tara Bush

    Bollinger Rose is my thing. Pink and Champagne are like strawberries and cream. Made to go together.

  59. Tracy Gladman

    The Fitou as this is my favourite wine and very hard to buy!

  60. Inmytime

    I know it’s a bit silly but I’d LOVE to try cristal – one of those ‘names’ that you hear everywhere and could never afford

  61. Stacey Gahan

    Bollinger Rose because I’ve never tried it before

  62. Donna Barnes

    Mmmmm Route 66 !

  63. Some mega fancy Bollinger over here. 🙂
    Ill at least pretend Im rich and famous x

  64. Kel

    Would love to try the Hartenberg Cabernet Sauvignon 2012 – love red South African wine

  65. Fiona Macleay Marshall

    I would love ❤️ to try The Bollinger Rose, I really enjoy fabulous fizz

  66. I would Absolutely love to win some bollinger rose ..ive never tasted real champagne.its my 40 th soon and this would be lovely to celebrate with x

  67. Id love to try the Bollinger

  68. Jessica Townley

    I’d love to try their Castell d’Olerdola Cava Rosé! I love a good sparkling rose especially in summer, I find it so refreshing!

  69. The St Aubin 1er Cru ‘En Remilly’ 2011, Domaine Lamy because I love a chardonnay and this is listed as perfect with salmon, my favorite meal.

  70. Esma Blackwell

    I would like too try the Laurent Perrier Grand Siecle La Cuvee Magum.As I am yet too try very expensive champagne.Would also be great for a party.

  71. tamalyn roberts

    would love to try the VitiCulture Grenache Rosé 2015 i love a nice fruity rose x

  72. Juli Savage

    Domaine de Sainte Croix Rosé Corbières 2013 – gorgeous rose colour

  73. Jo Bryan

    I would love to try the Amori Prosecco

  74. Jill McPhee

    What a great! Happy birthday x

  75. Amanda Robinson

    Ooh Bollinger Rose would be lovely to try. I’m also 40 this year so a nice classy champers would be very nice. Never tried a Bollinger before & the rose sounds very classy

  76. juliette morrison

    I would love to try the Bollinger Rose –

  77. debbie pettit

    Bollinger Rose because it would be an absolute treat.

  78. Kathleen Lynch

    I’d love to try a Bollinger to see if it’s worth the hype

  79. Zoe Spinner

    Bollinger for sure

  80. Louise Farmer

    I would love to try the Domaine du Vieux Télégraphe 2010, Châteauneuf-du-Pape as I love Châteauneuf-du-Pape!

  81. Jan Parry

    Champers … say no more

  82. Karen Barrett

    I would love to try AMORI PROSECCO My friend has a Charity Garden Party every year and this year I am in charge of the drinks selection, Prosecco is always a good place to start! 🙂

  83. Kellie Tomlinson

    Would love to try Bollinger as I have never had it and this year is special for me too. Also the route 66 blush as it is strawberry flavours xxx

  84. Charlotte

    Probably the Premier Cru. I Have a very vague recollection of trying once and liking. But sadly not quite at point it is in my regular buy list 🙁

  85. Lauren Boyle

    A bottle of bollinger Rose sounds good would love to try that because rose wine is my favourite

  86. Karl Borowy

    Bollinger Rosé –wife wants to try

  87. Hayley Elvin

    I’d love to try the Gardet Brut Reserve as I love wine with dinner and this sounds a perfect accompaniment

  88. Lia Burns

    I’d love to try the bollinger as I’ve heard so many good reviews and would be great to try myself

  89. Stevey H

    I’d like to try out the Monastier Cab Sauv wine of the month to see how good it is!

  90. claire crooks

    Rosé de Jonquières 2014, Languedoc, Sounds perfect for those long summer evenings in the garden x

  91. Dom Perignon, name just sounds lovely. I do like champagne, sparkling white wine, dry white wine etc.

  92. Carly Belsey

    The Beaune 1er Cru les Epenottes 2009, Domaine Ballot-Millot & Fils sounds lovely and my kind of fine wine 🙂

  93. paula cheadle

    Bollinger, as never tried it before, and it’s our wedding anniversary on the 27th April

  94. Hannah Read

    The Bollinger would be amazing to try.

  95. Susan Smith

    Would love to try them all, but i am partial to a Rose Wine, so would like to try the Cotes De Provence

  96. Iris W

    The Alto Los Romeros Reserva Gewurztraminer 2015. I do like a Gewürztraminer but have not tried a Chilean one yet

  97. Avril Randall

    Monastier Cabernet Sauvignon 2015

  98. Ann Stimson

    I’d choose Champagne Gardet because they are paving the way to drinking Champagne every day!!

  99. gemma hendry

    the gardet brut tradition would be my choice

  100. Beryl drake

    The Bollinger as I would love to try some of the best champagne

  101. The Gougenheim Malbec great to share with family and friends.

  102. Jules Eley

    I would love to try Barocco Prosecco described as fresh, young and crisp, with a lovely fruity character…. its just calling me to drink it 😉

  103. Michelle Cheeseman

    I would love to try the Bollinger Rose NV because I love Rose vine but have never tried anything as posh as this!

  104. Mark Whittaker

    I would love to try the Irvine Old Vine Shiraz 2014, I’ve long been a fan of Shiraz and it would be great to try an Australian wine with some heritage (if not age)

  105. Michelle Murray

    Bollinger Rose. I absolutely love Rose and this sounds amazing

  106. Emma Louise Elliott

    I’d love to try the Barocco prosecco as I love prosecco xxx

  107. I’d love the Bollinger Rose NV,I was introduced to Champagne by a much older man who was very elegant and very knowledgeable.It’s one of these lovely memories that makes you smile fondly when you recall it. x

  108. Angie Pickering

    The Dom Perignon 2006 so that I can compare it with the cheaper versions I have had!

  109. Rebecca

    Amoir prosseco sound amazing I love prosseco

  110. Lucy Chester

    Would love the Bollinger, I have just celebrated my 50th and like you not sure how that happened as I am convinced I am still in my 20’s

  111. Julie Booth

    Bollinger Rosé NV as I love the berry undertones

  112. Julie Edwards

    I would love to try the Kuki Marlborough Sauvignon 2014. It sounds like a gorgeous wine. Would love to try!

  113. Helen Metcalfe

    Château Lafite Rothschild 2002 1er Cru Pauillac. Its £750!! I’d love to taste a really expensive wine, just to see what all the fuss is about!!

  114. Jade Pawley

    I’d love to try the Bollinger! Bet it tastes gorgeous!

  115. Hayley Todd

    I would love to try the Bollinger Rose NV to celebrate our daughter’s upcoming 18th birthday! She is such a ‘pink princess’ so this would be so appropriate for her!

  116. Melanie Burton

    I would love to try the Alto Los Romeros Gran Reserva Carignan 2013. I love a fruity red wine!

    Happy Birthday!

  117. Dee

    i’d save this for me and my twin sister to share on our 30th

  118. samantha buntain

    Opere Brut, Villa Sandi Is what I would love to try x

  119. Eve ogden

    Barocco prosecco

  120. Diane Wareing

    A bottle of Bollinger for me. I love it and only get it on special occasions.
    Happy Birthday 🙂

  121. Jayne Townson

    I would love to try the Gigondas ‘Les Racines’ 2012, Domaine Les Pallières, because it sounds lovely and I love trying new things.

  122. Shaun hutchinson

    The Bollinger Rose all the way sounds good

  123. The Gardet Brut Reserve would be a treat

  124. liz ferguson

    Gardet Brut Tradition because my sister had this at her wedding and it was lovely x

  125. Lisa Lewis

    The Bollinger Rose

  126. Would love to try Bollinger rose sounds lovely

  127. Cindy Gillespie

    I would love Barocco Prosecco as it is fresh, young and crisp with a lovely fruity character just like myself x

  128. Tammy Neal

    I’d love to try the Gardet brut Reserve as it sounds perfect

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