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Essential Teatox – Detox Tea Review & Giveaway

Working in advertising has allowed me to try so many new-to-market products and services over the years but few have had the impact of these little pyramid bags of magic.

Essential Teatox is a 100% natural teatox product, which is used by many to aid weight loss however as a size 6 already, this isn’t why I drink it daily. For me, the gentle detox effects of the tea have helped me get much better quality sleep and wake up feeling energised. That’s quite a feat for me, when I would normally power my mornings with a high dose of caffeine. After a few cups I tended to feel groggy by midday due to all of the bloating it caused, but drinking an Essential Teatox has me feeling rejuvenated and bright within the hour without any crashes and best of all I didn’t feel bloated once throughout the whole 14-day period!

I was as sceptical as many would be at first. Teatoxes are notoriously known for quite literally ‘flushing’ you out and being at work all day, every day this would not be ideal. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I didn’t experience any nasty side effects.

Another concern I had, was how bad this was going to taste. I was fully expecting my taste buds to pay the price for the rest of my body beginning to feel better but it was actually delicious! The AM detox tea was definitely my favourite as the most predominant flavours were ginger and lemon, which worked together beautifully, and the PM tea was a blend of peppermint and liquorice, which was really refreshing. You can also leave the tea bags in longer to make the flavour stronger; personally I left mine in while I drank it so I could enjoy a stronger flavour.

The ingredients of the AM Detox tea include Juniper Berry, Lemon Peel, Ginger Pieces, Burdock Root, Red Clover, Gymnema, Raspberry Ketones, Oolong Tea, Sarsaparilla, Stevia Leaf and Peppermint Leaf.

And the PM Cleanse includes Senna Leaf,  Liquorice, Dandelion Leaf, Ginger Pieces, Fenugreek Pieces, Triphala, Stevia Leaf and Peppermint Leaf.

Alongside the teatox, I’ve been doing typical working mum exercising; taking the stairs at work, long walks in the park with the children and the occasional gym workout which I want to keep going.

I honestly feel great after the 14 days of my teatox, I have a noticeable spring in my step – in January no less – and I have generally felt so much brighter and more comfortable in myself. The normal post-Christmas blues simply haven’t kicked in this year and I’m feeling positive about what lies ahead… I’ve even picked up some weights as you can see in my photos!

If you’d like to try out Essential Teatox for yourself, I have their 14-day teatox programme to give away along with an exclusive medium t-shirt and mug! You can also use WOW20 at their checkout for 20% off ALL orders!

Essential Teatox Giveaway

Disclaimer: Essential Teatox is a client of my company, however I was not asked nor paid to promote this product on my blog.


  1. Soo Moon

    I’m always looking to try things that will either get me motivated or can help with weight loss and sleep as I wake up that many times during the night I’ve forgotten what eight hours of sleep is like

  2. A O'Neill

    After the holidays it’s time to get back in shape!

  3. Margaret

    Would love ti beat this bloated feeling and re energise sounds perfect

  4. Deborah Clarke

    I put in a few pounds lastbyearvand my confidence is low. Coukd reslly do with a boost

  5. barbara daniels

    since christmas Ive been feeling very unhealthy, so this would be a real kick start

  6. Debbie Henderson

    would love a better nights sleep plus i could do with the teatox to help me lose the weight i need to x

  7. Charlie Brunton

    I’d love to try a teatox because I want to feel healthier on the inside, I am slowly but surely cutting down on sugar and I think that a detox would help to flush out some of the nasties in my body!

  8. kate kathurima

    I want to try and be healthier and think this

  9. Sheena Batey

    Need to detox

  10. Harline Parkin

    I love all kinds of tea and i love fitness this looks great any thing that helps me be more healthy is a plus

  11. Janice Dunn

    I’d love to try this to rid my body of all the Christmas toxins. Definitely far too much over indulgence this year and i’m trying to eat and live more healthily


    I’m on a healthy eating regime and would really love to detox my insides

  13. jessica woods

    A detox is just what my body needs

  14. Kevin000

    Because I drink a lot of tea!

  15. Allan Wilson

    I need to completely detox my body.

  16. Amanda

    After Christmas and my birthday celebrations just after, I would love to try this to detox and feel better

  17. Louise Crocker

    Tea detox would give that kick Start I need to a healthier lifestyle

  18. Karen hutchinson

    Really need to lose a stone – anything worth a try !

  19. Charlotte Hood

    I really need a kick-start to motivate my weightloss! I’m a bridesmaid in July so have something to aim for!

    • theserandomacts

      I’m going to be doing some fitness for the unfit blogs so do keep an eye out for those.

  20. Mary H

    Ooooh I’m not sure about this stuff. It’s a glorified laxative, no? Any weight/bloating lost will be put straight back on. Trips to the loo will be more frequent too. As a recoved bulimic I know a thing or two about laxatie abuse, so it makes me sad to see this stuff being marketed & laped up by intelligent women. Please correct me if I’m wrong and no offence meant. I enjoy your writing.

    • theserandomacts

      Many teatoxes are, but not this one. The senna leaf content is very low or I would be losing weight, an effect I didn’t want. I simply wanted to feel more energy and it’s worked wonderfully as well as stopping me feeling and looking bloated. Those that do lose weight with this don’t do it via a laxative effect. It’s the ingredients that aid digestion that help them process food better, although it doesn’t work with a plate full of doughnuts of course! I hope this reassures you somewhat.

  21. Solange

    I need to be healthier and I should start by detoxing my body.

  22. Michaela Hannah

    I’d love to try Teatox because im really bloated at the moment

  23. sharon stanley

    I would like to improve my health and I think that a detox will give me a kick start to do so.

  24. Nicki simpson

    Because I’m frumpy and grumpy

  25. Jason Tolliss

    I’m trying to get fit and healthy and could really do with a detox.

  26. Jo Glasspool

    Sounds good and would love to try it.

  27. suzi moore

    just 4lb away from my slimming world target, would love these to help me give the last push, just seem to be stuck at the moment xx

  28. Been overindulging lately so my body could do with a cleanse and losing a few pounds in preparation for my holiday.

  29. Could benefit from having more energy.

  30. Joanne Casey

    I need something to kick start my health kick and I think this would do the trick!

  31. Rebecca roberts

    I really want to lose a stone I can’t seem to keep motivated!

  32. Dean Brown

    This seems like the ONLY kind of Detox I could actually do!! Really interested in giving it a try!!

  33. Paul Ballantine

    This would be perfect to go along side my cycling and swimming to get fit for the summer

  34. Catherine

    I am overweight -I’m trying other things too – but why not try this tea too

  35. Carly Belsey

    I would love to try as I have already completely lost my mojo when it comes to being healthy and these would give me a kick start again

  36. Tracy Gladman

    I am off on a cruise so anything that can help with a trimmer me is good!

  37. Alison Clifford

    I have my birthday in January so always make excuses to not start a healthy regime for the new year. However after the excesses of Christmas and January I am feeling bloated and my clothes are comfortable. I would love to try teatox to kick start a change.

  38. Kirsty Woods

    Sounds like a great way to get back on track

  39. gemma raines

    I would like to try to see if it will help with groggyness and tiredness and give me a spring in my step and a boost in general

  40. Melanie Burton

    I suffer terribly – especially in the winter – with fatigue and I never have any energy! I would love to try this to see if my energy levels improve!

  41. Tammy Artherton

    i tried a detox tea recently and i am not normally a fan, and it was lovely. so would like to try and review yours in comparison.

  42. Jayne T

    I would love to try this as it sounds like a perfect way to kick start my diet. Thanks for the giveaway.

  43. Pia S

    I haven’t eaten the most healthy foods lately and have been sick for almost 2 months now, I think a proper detox would be very beneficial for my health x

  44. Pauline Black

    A little extra get up and go would be nice! I work nights and feel sluggish a lot of the time.

  45. tammi nutting

    love to try it. im dieting at the min but finding it hard

  46. Ruth Wollerton

    It would be great to detox naturally so I feel Beau-TEA-ful inside and out. Thanks for the chance XXX

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