As many of you know, my day job is in advertising and I am delighted to be working with Christian Aid on their Give It Up For Lent campaign to raise vital funds to fight not just poverty but the causes behind poverty, enabling individuals and communities to self-support and grow.

Working on the campaign got me thinking though. What could I give up for 40 days that would be a huge challenge and get the support of family and friends around me? I could give up what I’d term the easy stuff – cake, chocolate, takeaways etc but to me those are no real challenge. So I’ve decided to give up negativity for 40 days.

If you know me you’ll know I’ve built my business and little empire on always assuming the worst, preparing for it and then saying to everyone – “I told you this would happen” – on the occasions when it does. My husband has recently called me The BuzzKill at the office on this basis. More crippling that this though is the self-talk that goes on in my own head. This always happens to me, why can’t I catch a break?  For me to achieve this goal, I am consciously working on the self-talk too as I think what I portray outwardly is very much a reflection of the inner conversations I have daily.

Yesterday, was Day 1. Of course, Lent has fallen at the exact same time as my two year old is potty training and there is a huge amount of work going on at the agency so from the start, I was tested. By the time I went to bed I was exhausted by the effort it took to remain positive, optimistic and to resolve all the self-talk with a positive end.

However, for me the next 39 days are somewhat of a springboard. Giving negativity up for Lent will allow me get the support and encouragement of friends, family and colleagues but thereafter I need to continue so it becomes a formed habit.

According to recent research by the University College London, it takes an average of 66 days to create a habit so I’m aware that I’ll need to push beyond Lent to ensure this is the start of something that could be truly lifechanging.

I believe to some degree in the Law of Attraction, not the hokey wish for it enough and you’ll win the lottery BS, but in the power of what you focus on is your reality and it may perhaps explain the cycle of drama I’ve been in for the last couple of years so I’m extremely excited to see how this will play out.

I encourage you to try and Give It Up for Lent too – whether you aim for the sky with a huge goal that will turn your life around starting with the next 39 days or whether you keep it simple. What matters is that it’s a challenge for you and can raise those all-important funds for those who need it most.

To set up your own Give It Up for Lent campaign to raise funds for Christian Aid, click here.

To support my campaign if you’d like to, click here. I appreciate every penny donated to such a fabulous cause.