What’s the biggest goal you ever achieved?

For me, it’s not setting up my business at the age of 17. It’s not the beautiful house or fancy sports cars I’ve owned over the years. It’s the fact that I have grown my company, built a brand and I still wholly own it today, 23 and a bit years later.

I’ve seen off a dot com boom and bust, a global recession, clients going out of business owing us huge sums of money and dodged countless other bullets that have led to the downfall of other digital agencies over the years.

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I rarely think of this achievement as I’m always onto the next thing. How do we grow? What new marketing innovations can we offer? Who are the best people I can bring onto the team? But sometimes, you have to stop, even just for a moment and smell the roses. Say “Look what we did”. And feel proud. I say we as my husband, Jon, joined the business soon after we met and I must acknowledge we’ve seen greater success under joint stewardship than I ever did alone.

2017 has proved to be a challenging year although after you’ve had the 2014/2015 “Cancer years” you realise you can handle anything. In February my mum had a major stroke, and when Jon was picking her up off her kitchen floor and telling me to say goodbye, I did think it was the end. After nearly 3 weeks in hospital she came home, something I thought would never happen. She’s still receiving daily physio and home care now but gets stronger daily and is an absolute inspiration.

Then just a few weeks ago, my 80 year old dad had emergency vascular surgery and although he’s come through that OK, taking care of my parents as well as my children has placed a whole new set of responsibilities on me. I won’t lie, there have been tears.

But you know what? It’s also a fantastic motivation. I’ve got my goals for the year which you guys who read the blog already know about. I’ve got a business which I need to grow and develop now, more than ever because my family need me to be a bigger success than I’ve ever been before.

One of the things that has always motivated me more than anything is hearing success stories of other people. So I’d like to know… What’s the biggest goal you’ve ever achieved and how?

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