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Goals For The 40 Year Old Me

It’s taken me a while to put this post together as I wanted to really consider the goals I set for this year of my life so they truly take me forwards, physically, emotionally, professionally and personally. Goals that are measurable and will stretch me and a couple that are just indulgence!

So here they are. If you can help me on my journey with any of them, I’d love to hear from you. Drop me a comment if you can!

  1. I’m going to read 50 books before I turn 41. Not just the usual business biographies and self help, but some fiction too. Warren Buffet, one of the world’s most successful businessmen once said when asked about the key to success, “Read 500 pages like this every day. That’s how knowledge works. It builds up, like compound interest. All of you can do it, but I guarantee not many of you will do it.”  So many people who are uber successful read a lot, and it’s something I rarely make time for, yet I still continue to be an Amazon book buying junkie! It will be interesting to see the effect this has on my business and my life generally.
  2. I’m going to triple last year’s revenue in my company.  As my role is these days more strategic and about banging the drum for TAMBA, this means I need to be creating regular thought leadership content and supporting my key personnel who are bringing in clients and ensure the rest of the team give them the wonderful experience we know we can.
  3. I’m going to buy a large commercial property which will act as a pension pot for my husband and I. This has been on the cards for some time, but is happening at the end of this year. I have a lot of financial organising to do, and beauty parades of banks and financing options so this needs to be underway imminently.
  4. I’m going to meet Channing Tatum. I have no idea how unless he comes to the UK for a film premiere but I’d absolutely love to meet him – he’s pretty much the only living person I want to meet that I haven’t been lucky enough to encounter yet on my travels. Perhaps you, dear reader, might know how? Suggestions should not include flying to America and hiding in a bush, I’m thinking more a premiere or a charity bash… My husband has said this goal is impossible, so of course, I am now totally going to prove him wrong!
  5. I’m staying positive! I gave up negativity for Lent with Christian Aid and it’s done wonders for my sanity and demeanour at large so I’m going to really push myself to keep this going. I know there will be bad days and tough times ahead, but I’m just going to stop dwelling on things as that’s the real energy drain for me.
  6. I’m going to do some “people power” Random Acts of Kindness, bringing lots of people together to do something kind for their community. The first one is already in the planning stage and I’m excited to involve those of you who read this blog for the random acts of kindness ideas.
  7. I’m buying my husband an Aston Martin. He turns 40 later this year and has always wanted one. It won’t be brand new unless this blog REALLY grows in short order, but in the last decade he’s given everything to our business – including whilst being treated for cancer – and he’s given our children and I a great life without ever having anything for himself. So I want to mark his 40th with the car of his dreams. That’s going to require some serious saving!

There are other goals I have of course, around my fitness and going to the gym which I document seperately on my Fit at 40 posts, my parenting goals to just keep becoming a better mum, and a few bits which are too personal to share, even on this blog but the above are my commitments which I can share and show you as I progress and achieve them.

A birthday, anniversary or significant date to you can be a great time to set new goals. What do you have coming up you can set goals around and what are your goals? I’d love to hear all about them and help you in achieving yours.


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