This morning it was a return to work for me and time to share this blog and discuss goals with my team. I was so delighted that they all “get it” when it comes to the content of the blog and I think it’s because I surround myself with like-minded, ambitious individuals who want to push both the business and their own lives forward in 2017.

Our workplace goals are set collaboratively. They don’t just come top down from the directors of the business. They flow up and down the organisation. This helps get buy in from all the team which creates the traction needed to achieve the goals, some of which are not just ambitious but a little implausible to the outsider looking in!

Goals are a mix of financial – what we want to earn in revenue and profit – career development – what our roles can evolve into over the coming year, and intangibles – the experience we want to give our customers and the way we want them to feel as a result of working with us.

Since our meeting broke, there’s a certain simmering energy in the office. A feeling that we’re all just jumping into a very fast rollercoaster that may have some scary dips but will reward with some super highs and maybe even a loop-the-loop.

Whilst 2016 was a challenging year in many respects, one of the things I notice this morning is what a committed team we created last year and how each brings their own magic to the company each day. This year it’s my job to simply give them the confidence and room to share that magic every day going forwards.

If you’re a business leader, have you created goals for the year with your team? It isn’t too late. Their input and ownership over the goals could make all the difference this year.