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Resolutions or Goals?

new years eve concept the end of 2016 and the start of 2017

As we hurtle towards 2017, with relief, gratitude or just anticipation, many of us choose this time to set our goals.

I’ve been someone who writes down goals and works towards them since I was about 23 and discovered Anthony Robbins. I cannot tell you how much I gained from daily actions towards documented goals but at 26, I had bought my second ever house which was my dream home. My house was half built when I first walked round it – and was already sold to someone else – but it just felt instantly like where I should be living and though I had no idea how the hell I’d get it, I told the agent it was going to be mine. He continued to try and get me to take another on the very small development but I said “Call me when the sale falls through”. I knew it would. I’m writing from my dream home now. I still don’t recall how I was able to secure what was a massive mortgage at the time, nor how I negotiated a very good valuation on my old house as a part exchange but I did and being here changed everything.

In my 30’s (which I’m rapidly coming to the end of now), my goal setting hasn’t changed but my achievement has really slowed down. I could blame being content in my family life, being busy with two young children, running the business through challenging economic conditions but mostly, I think I simply lost my laser like focus, so it’s time to bring that back in 2017.

I won’t publicly declare all my goals here but a few that I will track throughout the year on this blog.

1. Add £100,000 of value to my home.

2. Make this blog a huge success in Year 1. I’m aiming for it to win at least 1 award and top at least 1 league table.

3. Feel good, do good. Ignore the negative and embrace the positive.

What are your goals for 2017? How ridiculously ambitious are you going to be? I don’t want you to limit yourself to a little goal. What’s that big stretch goal you’re embarrassed about sharing? Tell me, and I’ll be with you for your journey too!

As this blog is brand new, I’m hosting a competition. Win a £25 Amazon Gift card simply by entering using the Gleam widget below. You’ll be helping me achieve my No. 2 goal of making this blog a success and I’ll be giving one of you £25 to use towards your goal. But not just that, remember the Random Acts of Kindness this blog is all about? Well, I’ll be reading all the blog comments and some of you might get some help along the way, just because…

Do good today! I’m rooting for you.

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  1. Emma Fearn

    You are a strong, motivated fabulous woman and I’ve no doubt that 2017 will be a hughly successful year for you.

  2. I intend to write and tick off all my goals this coming year ..All we have is now …and tomorrow.

  3. To have my first child. I have just had a miscarriage so my plans for 2017 are to have a happy healthy pregnancy and baby

    • theserandomacts

      Oh Catherine, such an awful thing to face. Please look after yourself so that 2017 is the year you can enjoy a pregnancy and welcome a baby. So many of us, myself included, have been there, and I know it takes every fibre of your being to get through it. I’ll be sending good vibes all year long.

    • Heather Cain

      Catherine, I feel your pain, having been through it with my first pregnancy, third and fifth pregnancies. And also to have been through it with my daughter this year who is thankfully now almost 22 weeks pregnant with my first grandchild (a boy). She had problems with this pregnancy too but is ok for now :). I also have a son from my fourth pregnancy. After the last miscarriage I was sterilised as I couldn’t take any more. Heres to 2017 being your best ever year with it ending with a healthy and happy child.

    • Catherine, keep strong. I have had 3 miscarriages but now have a wonderful Son. Keep healthy and hopefully 2017 will be the year for you x

  4. Elaine Skye Clark

    To smile more and be less anxious. Appreciate the small things and accept the things I cannot change.
    All the best for 2017.

    • theserandomacts

      I love these. They’ll make a difference to you and everyone around you each and every day you apply them. You’ve already made me smile 🙂

    • To Smile is good, as it may cheer you and others.

      Be less anxious, maybe if you can consider what makes you anxious and why. Sometimes it can be places, or other anxious people.

      Appreciate the good, and seee if it can be added to on occasions by yourself and / or others.

      Best Wishes for 2017 and beyond.

  5. My goals are to try and save more cook more from scratch as I waste so much money on buying extras like sauces when I could make myself, so budgeting is my main aim

    • theserandomacts

      Great plan, do you do the 8:30pm supermarket shop when lots of fresh fruit and vegetables are discounted? You could batch make soups and stews etc which doesn’t just help the pursestrings, it also means you don’t have to do the “from scratch” thing every single day! I’m all for making life easier!

  6. Tracey Hallmark

    To make more time for family I have really enjoyed our get togethers over Christmas and it has made me realise that we don’t do it often enough but we should as life is too short not to. Happy New Year everyone!

    • theserandomacts

      What a great goal to have. You could get creative with that and have family game nights. Monopoly, Pie Face, Cards Against Humanity…

  7. I do hope that you reach your goals for 2017, written and unwritten. How, out of interest, do you plan to make £100,000 on your house in a year (I am genuinely interested), what price is it worth at the moment – really I am interested!! I would love to go along on your journey with you so do hope that you tag me along in any developments. I like to think I am positive and always look on the good side (well I try hard) and I do do good things for people at work – it gives me great joy to get that person in the bed comfy with all their pillows just how they like them rather than leave them to lay in discomfort. Or to make their cup of tea just how they like it and to remember next time too. Or to get them clean and fresh again. And yes the nurses tell me off for taking too long – who cares, the patient comes first!! I sing and dance to entertain them in my own little way too. I said at my interview, I wanted to be the one to make a difference and I have, because not a day goes by (honest truth here) when someone doesn’t say I am the nicest nurse (even though I only help the nurses) that they have ever had. I love my job. And today in the supermarket an old man fell over with his trolly, me and my hubbie helped him up, checked him over and got him on his way with his wife. We had our hands shook by the said gentleman too which was lovely. And here I am helping you by entering your comp, adding to your blog . In the words of Robbie Williams – I love my life!! I don’t want praise, please, I just want to say that we can all make a difference to someones life, which enriches our own. Have I gone on too long – sorry if I have. Perhaps I should start my own blog lol. mmmm perhaps that is a goal for the year, along with trying to lose weight to help with my arthritic knees (not sure that will actually happen tho).

    • theserandomacts

      I won’t state the value of my home but I’m very lucky that it is quite a lot so a £100k value-add is quite doable. The main plan is to completely redo the kitchen as a real showpiece for the house. It’s a large room and I want to make it as much of a “smart” kitchen as I can. I also have a bungalow in the garden that my parents live in (although I tell people they just live in my garden – so they imagine under a toadstool!) so I’d like to add an orangery to that to give them extra space overlooking their rear garden.

      Everything you have said is completely right and I have to say I have a whole world more appreciation for the NHS after my husband’s cancer treatment. The nurture from all the staff was beyond anything I could have hoped for, and I believe made all the difference to what was a challenging and, in many ways, horrific experience.

      I’m sure all the good will come back to you ten-fold Heather! Keep being you.

      • Heather Cain

        thanx – the kitchen sounds fab – and an orangery wow that will really add value. Its nice to hear of someone who started out with a goal so young and to be lucky enough to get what she wanted too! I do hope that the blog goes really well – I am sure that when you get presentations for your kitchen and building work for the orangery from different companies with lots of different ideas that you can pick and choose from, and that you will be adding your thoughts along with perhaps a bit of advertising for the companies and products that you are considering. Perhaps this is a way of getting your blog better known etc? Just an idea – hope you don’t mind me adding that. I look forward to seeing all the things that could go in a kitchen these days.

    • Michelle Stokes

      Heather I would like to applaud you on your wonderful caring nature, I too am constantly being told off by the nurses for spending too long with one patient (especially the elderly that don’t have any visitors) keep up the sterling work, I know I’m going too! X

  8. Beverley Cousins

    To spend more time with my dad and family. i lost my mum in the summer and regret so much not spending more time with her and not telling her i loved her everyday…It changed my whole outlook on family and life x

    • theserandomacts

      Oh Beverley, I can only imagine how hard that has been for you. I hope this year brings you much time and connection with your family and the space to remember your mum with more fondness and less sadness. x

  9. I have to main goals this year –

    – One is to loose weight. My weight is something that I have let slip a little out of control over the years since having the kids and this year I am feeling pretty determined to get on top of it. I have already signed up to the gym too!

    – Put more time and effort in to my blog, the main thing is being able to pull together enough money to have someone do a design for my blog (logo, header etc) as I feel this will make it feel more professional and give it an actual image! Its something I have been wanting to do for some time but as a stay at home mum money is usually pretty tight and it never seems “top of the list” but this year I am really going to try!

    Good luck on reaching your goals!! xx

    • theserandomacts

      Good luck with the weight loss. Signing up to the gym is a great start! As for your blog, I happen to own a marketing company so I’d love to offer you 2-3 hours of my team’s time to create you a new logo and header for your blog so it looks as professional as you want it to be. Please PM me on Facebook and we’ll set this up for next week. All I ask is you find someone else to do something nice for in the next couple of weeks. #TheseRandomActs

  10. Louise Evans-Clarke

    Congratulations on your blog, wishing you every success for 2017. My goal is to try and not be as ill as 2016. Im going to start regular exercise and start eating better

    • theserandomacts

      I hope it’s not been serious illness. I’ve had bug after bug this year so I’ll be trying to do the same!

  11. Lucie fish

    Good luck with the blog! The kids have decided that once a month instead of having sweets they shall buy something to go in a shoebox and then give it to a child in need in December.

    • theserandomacts

      I love that. I bet you feel so proud that you’ve bought up such awesome children!

  12. Fiona Macleay Marshall

    Good luck and best wishes for your blog as a new venture! My goal for this year is to try and be more active if my flares of RA let me, no excuses though!
    Our first grandchild is due in April and we are expecting a girl which is so exciting as I have two boys and miscarried a girl at 19 weeks so a wonderful time for us all.
    I am going to remind myself on a daily basis everything I have to be thankful for and I’m hoping to tick “a cruise” off my bucket list too!
    So out with the old and in with the new and I hope Everyone has a very happy and healthy 2017.

    • theserandomacts

      Great goals and how exciting for a new arrival. What a wonderful celebration to have in 2017! As for the goal of a cruise, I’m guessing you enter all the cruise competitions on MSE and Competition Database. Can I also recommend you setup a Google Alert for “win a cruise” so you get daily notifications of any cruise competitions. It might just help you locate a new low entry competitions! Let me know how you get on.

  13. Virginia Chico

    I intend to persevere and stay focused to continue learning German. I started learning over a year ago and I attend classes on top of my full-time job. I have to do homework, study and even take exams and sometimes I find I lack motivation to keep it up and study, especially on winter evenings after a full day’s work. I do my homework every Sunday morning, even if sometimes I would prefer to curl up in the sofa to read the paper or go out for a walk. I forward to keeping myself motivated in 2017 to continue studying and to be able to speak German on my travels and turn off the subtitles when I watch German movies.

    • theserandomacts

      What an amazing goal. I studied German at Birmingham’s Brasshouse Language Centre some years ago and I still find it so useful in business! Is it worth looking for a German person learning English on line so you can Skype chat as that would give you so much natural language confidence?

  14. Lindsey Stuart

    In the year 2017 I am going to make sure I spend more time with my friends!
    I must admit on my days off from work I tend to like catching up on house chores or typically having a lazy day indoors with my pyjama’s on! But I really want to spend more time with my friends as they are important to me and are great to be around! 🙂

    • theserandomacts

      And what a fabulous goal to have. It’s basically have more fun and connection! I’m certain you can do that! Cut those PJ Days to a minimum!

  15. Anthea Larkins

    Be focussed on my goals and ignore the setbacks

    • theserandomacts

      Absolutely. Setbacks are just a test to see how much you really want it!

  16. Leebs

    I’m going to try and get my health somewhat back on track and promote my new business.

    • theserandomacts

      What’s the new business hun? Feel free to mention it here then you are starting on your goal early!

  17. Tracy Nixon

    I intend to try and have a more positive outlook on life in general as I tend to always take an optimistic view and believe that when things go wrong then I am doomed and it is all down hill from here.

    • theserandomacts

      Oh Tracy, I do that too. Jolly until something bad happens then I insist there is a hex on me and it’s all doom and gloom! I really hope you do this as it’s really debilitating when you let your own imagination take over!

  18. Deborah Clarke

    To overcome my agoraphobia. Its been really debilitating and isolating this year so im going to fight through it in 2017

    • theserandomacts

      Great goal! I hope you have some wonderful friends around you to support you with this! So many great things to see and do, even on your own doorstep. Remember, you are stronger than you think!

  19. Rajeeva Jayaratne

    i want to enter more giveaways. they will provide me with entertainment and extra cash or something after i retire.

    • theserandomacts

      And there’s the fun that comes from the postman being the guy who brings treats rather than the harbinger of doom (bills!).

  20. Jennifer Haden

    My goal is to remain hopeful about my health and wellness. I’ve been battling a bad illness and syndrome for a long time, things have gotten worse, but I really want to try to remain hopeful that I might get better one day x

    • theserandomacts

      It’s so hard when you’re not well to remain positive but I genuinely believe your outlook can benefit your wellbeing so I hope you maintain your focus on this one! A great goal to have!

  21. Marie Powell

    2017 is the last year to spend large on the house as I want to travel in the future, so the aim is to put a small extension on the house and the garden will then be done at our leisure, also want to grow some veggies and pumpkins,
    Good luck with this blog and have a Happy New Year

    • theserandomacts

      A little like one of my goals then. I hope you’ll find some useful tips and ideas here on this blog. Best of luck with it Marie!

  22. Nicola Jane

    For 2017 I will be making sure that I spend more time with my family After spending 2 years travelling more than 60 miles per day to work, today I have been offered a job 2 miles away from home! So I can now take my children to school and nursery every day and be there to collect them every day! Just a dream come true. Wishing you a very Happy New Year xx

    • theserandomacts

      What a wonderful end to 2016 for you. Congratulations on the new job and enjoy all those extra family moments you’ll now get to enjoy!

  23. Hayley williams

    my goal is to lose my baby weight after giving birth to my princess in April

    • theserandomacts

      It took me 3 years with my first and a week with my second! I think some babies just change our bodies for the longer term. Maybe put a music channel on TV and have a daily bop with baby – everyone does that, right? No, just me? Errmmm…

  24. Heather Haigh

    My aim is simple, to try something new every day and fully embrace life. After a near-death accident I don’t want to waste a minute.

    • theserandomacts

      I’m sorry to hear of your accident, but how wonderful you have such positive goals now. Try something new every day might lead to some very random experiences and that will create lifelong memories. Enjoy every day Heather!

  25. Mel Turner

    My main aim is to eat healthier and to stop wasting so much food. There are starving people on our streets and there’s me throwing food out because I’ve over brought.

    • theserandomacts

      I’m guilty of that one too. I’m definitely more conscious now of going to the fridge daily to see what needs to be used up! Good luck with it Mel!

  26. Kelly Glen

    My goals are to not let people tell me what to do all the time I want to try and stand up for myself a lot more. This will be hard for me because I am very anxious about everything but I am going to try.

  27. karen mcmillan

    Be Happy, It’s very important 😀

  28. purpleshoes

    to stick to a regular gym routine to make myself feel better and less tired

  29. Ellie Wood

    To travel more and do stuff for me, rather than do what everybody else requires from me.

    • theserandomacts

      Any specific travel plans? A vision board might be a great idea with images of the locations you want to visit or a map with pins in for the destinations you’re going to go to.

  30. Andrew Petrie

    My goal for 2017 is to improve my health through fitness and self restraint , because I had a scare in 2016 which I don’t want repeated.

    • theserandomacts

      Oh Andrew, I’m sorry you had a scare but at least it’s shone a light on the fact you need to look after YOU. Have an amazing 2017.

  31. debbie smith

    congrats on your new job ! my new goal for 2017 is to be more positive 🙂

    • theserandomacts

      I wouldn’t class this as my job! This is just something that’s been in the back of my mind for ages. I love your goal to be more positive. Have you got an approach ready for negative people when they are around you?

  32. EL29

    Good luck with your goals this year! I’d say you are well on your way to goal number 2 before 2017 has even started! You write beautifully so I’m sure you will do it. I left my job and started my own business this year so my biggest resolution is to make that work! Emma

    • theserandomacts

      That means an awful lot. It’s very difficult to share personal writing because it’s soul baring. I’m so glad it’s been so well received thus far. Best of luck with your own business. I love the ups and downs of being a business owner. You write your own destiny every day!

  33. Anne Thompson

    Aim high to achieve, well done and hope it’s a huge sucess

  34. Emma Ellams

    To move to a bigger house with my husband so we can start a family. We are both more than ready, but finding a suitable house and getting ours ready is proving difficult. It would mean so much to us to finally get moving, and we are determined to make it happen!

    • theserandomacts

      I’ll be doing a lot to my home this year to add value so hopefully you’ll be able to get some tips for your new home! Good luck with such lovely goals.

  35. Aaron Broad

    I am trying to re-join the gym, need to get fit again

    • theserandomacts

      So you’ve been fit before. Remember what that feels like and how much energy that gave you! There’s your motivation!

  36. Emma Gibson

    To wash my car more because its filthy and to find a job I actually like.

    • theserandomacts

      Given how many hours we spend at work, it’s so important to find something that makes you happy! Why not give your car a quick wash today and start as you mean to go on?

  37. Sadia iqbal

    Leave nothing for tomorrow!
    Life is too short.


    I need to lose weight so I can feel more confident and be happy with myself

    • theserandomacts

      Be happy anyway. It’s a choice. If you want to lose weight, go for it but your confidence comes from knowing you’re great inside and out.

  39. I am going to help others more

  40. Peter Watson

    To lose 10kgs to get my health better.No more ice cream,replaced with low fat yoghurt.

    • theserandomacts

      Admirable Peter. Isn’t Oppo a good ice cream for the health conscious? Maybe worth a look?

  41. Katie

    I’d love to get pregnant but after three failed IVF cycles and not one positive test in years of trying I can’t see it happening. I’m going to try and be healthy but also try and come to terms with the fact we will probably never be parents, as hard as that is.

    • theserandomacts

      Oh Katie, I can only imagine how hard that’s been. I hope if you find the peace to let it go that it comes to you naturally x

  42. Rebecca Smith

    to spend more time with my children on lots of different adventures as there growing up so fast

  43. Lorraine Stone

    I am going to try to be more positive next year and stop saying no to something and say yes instead! I can instead of I can’t!

    • theserandomacts

      Brilliant Lorraine. Just think of the opportunities that could bring you!

  44. Emma Rawlinson

    My goal for 2017 is to lose a stone – for my long-term health and also for the sense of achievement

    • theserandomacts

      Great plan Emma. Are you going to be joining a gym or exercising at home?

  45. Rachael Ashmore

    I need to learn to drive next year. I have a son with epilepsy and autism and he has a lot of appointments which take forever on the bus

    • theserandomacts

      No better incentive than that. Your son will be so proud of you when you do that! Have you booked any lessons yet?

  46. Heather T

    Moving home and staying afloat financially would be an ideal goal for me in 2017

    • theserandomacts

      Have you started budgeting for 2017. Just knowing where your money goes is always sobering and might unlock a few opportunities to save!

  47. gabby evans

    to get fit and lose weight to get rid of back pain

    • theserandomacts

      Great goals and you know you’ll be happier without the back pain so super motivation!

  48. Lisa Parker

    To be more kinder to myself and to smile more to myself , as this year has been a difficult year mentally for me.

    • theserandomacts

      I know just what you mean. 2016 has not been kind to us either. A smile may snowball into lots of positive things though so it’s the best possible place to start!

  49. Rosalind Sargent

    after having a gastric band fitted 10 years ago and losing 8 stone the past few years have been hard I have put 2 stone back on, loosing all my confidence I know do not feel good about my self any more so 2017 I am going to put it all right again and go to the Gym I will loose hopefully the 2 stone I put on and would like to loose more, get my confidence back and be happy

    • theserandomacts

      Best of luck with that Rosalind. Losing confidence is a horrible thing but great to hear you are taking control back!

  50. Martina Pichova

    My goal is to have more patience with my kids – it’s something not for the New Year but something I know I need to try anyway…

    • theserandomacts

      When you’ve mastered that, please teach me! I snap too often and always feel terrible for doing so!

  51. Harline Parkin

    My goal is to work hard this is important to me I want to save to go to Austria I’ve only ever been out of the U.K. Once in my 52 years but this is a place I’ve always wanted to see, it’s time I saw it

    • theserandomacts

      That’s fantastic. Can I recommend a vision board with photos from Austria and any particularly hotspots and landmarks there that you want to see so you have a daily reminder of what you are working towards.

  52. kelly wheelhouse

    my main goal for next year is to be happy, because it’s taken me a long time to be as happy as I am now. I also would like to start blogging again as I’ve taken a year off, and would like to start filling up my savings account ready for me to buy my first house in the next five years or so

    • theserandomacts

      Fab goals! This blogging malarky is quite cathartic so if you want to write, write!

  53. jackie youel

    to loose some weight as its starting to have a effect on my health , and to cook more healthy foods x

    • theserandomacts

      Great goals Jackie. Have you had a scout about on Google for some yummy recipes to try?

  54. Angela Treadway

    to eat healthier and excercise more because im not getting any younger!

  55. Israr Baig

    Eat less biscuits for a summer body-ish, am single and not getting younger

    • theserandomacts

      But biscuits are so good! I hope you find someone to love who doesn’t mind a cheeky biscuit habit!

  56. Rachel Craig

    I’d like to be financially secure for life. Also like to have a secure, comfortable, appropriate home / accommodation which has access to all resources and services which I require, also same for my loved ones :- family, friends etc. Some good leisure and recreation on a regular basis. Good company etc.

    How things will be :- Who knows. As they say the only constant thing is change.

    It is the Government/s, Queen etc who are first to know what will be. So more likely to be prepared for change. Those least in the know are those who need the information, support etc the most.

    I hope thereis a move away from the Culture of ” fighting for limited resources”. As we pay taxes etc for services and those in Power should be Responsible and Accountable in making these Appropriate to Needs of Public / Taxpayers.

  57. Tiffeny Brown

    My main goal for 2017 is to hit my goal weight. I’ve already lost 4st and have another 5st to go. It’s so important I get there because I have pcos and diabetes and really want to have a baby and obviously need to be in tip top condition 🙂 x

    • theserandomacts

      Wonderful motivating factors of enhanced health and a little person to join your family! I think losing 4st is incredible in itself and shows you clearly have what it takes to make a lasting change. You’ll do it Tiffeny!

  58. I’m hoping to take my blog to the next level, earning a full-time salary. I have 3 small children and I would love the independence of making my own money but the luxury of spending time with the kids at the same time.

    • theserandomacts

      I’ll be coming to you for advice then Robyn! Have you read The Million Dollar Blog? It has interviews with many successful bloggers and has given me some fabulous insights. I’d be happy to send you my copy if you’d like a read.

  59. Louise Comb

    I have two main resolutions: To cut down on sugar and spend more time writing 🙂

    • theserandomacts

      What do you write Louise? Feel free to share it here if you have a blog.

  60. Suzanne Drummond

    to continue with my weightloss and reach my 4 stone target and win a holiday

    • theserandomacts

      Great goals Suzanne. Start setting up the Google alerts for holiday competitions now!

  61. Judith Allen

    Goals? I really don’t mean to sound negative, but I don’t really set them. Pesky MS has done for most things. But. I do have a gorgeous, healthy daughter living and working in London, loving her travels, music making and dance, and it’s really great to be able to follow all that. She’s 26, how did that time slide past me?

    • theserandomacts

      It can be hard to set them when you’re in tough circumstances but it might just give you something positive to focus on, which will at least keep your spirits up and your heart happy!

  62. Laura Jeffs

    No goals or resolutions for me! I’m just going with the flow 😉

    • theserandomacts

      Whatever works for you! I just find I’d drift and waste a lot of valuable time if I didn’t have a focus.

  63. William G

    When you get older, your goal becomes to make it to the end of the next year! lol

  64. Rachael G

    I would like to save more money – less shopping for pleasure and more spending time doing fun free activities like board games and geocaching.

    • theserandomacts

      I love board games and geocaching! Great hobbies and the latter also helps you keep active!

  65. Susan Smith

    My goals for 2017 is to lose 4 stone in weight, reason is for health, big goal, which i am determined to reach

  66. Angela Kelly

    I don’t make specific goals or resolutions, I prefer to take each day and challenge as they come.

    • theserandomacts

      Goal setting isn’t for everyone but I really find it helps me focus on what I truly want to get out of the year and suck each drop of value out of every day.

  67. Janine Atkin

    to stop stressing over small things. one small set back can set me off for the rest of the day! i need to chill out

  68. Bev

    Having my first and only baby. Time is of the essences, agewise and I’ve lost a few years due to chemotherapy so it’s all or nothing this year.

    • theserandomacts

      My heart goes out to you. I really hope you get your wish. We were so lucky to have 2 beautiful children by the time my husband had chemo but it has meant any more would be a very lucky break now.

  69. sian hallewell

    remember to laugh every day. At first glance this may seem a small goal, it does have huge positive outcomes though.

    • theserandomacts

      Nothing small about it, especially on tough days when the world hits you left, right and centre with stuff. But being able to laugh on those tough days is what will get you through!

  70. christine shelley

    To continue to count my blessings and support all those I can , bi=y continuing to volunteer at the food bank and give support to my extended family not as fortunate as me.

  71. Anna Lord

    To de clutter my home and my mind and prepare myself for retirement in a November 2017.

    • theserandomacts

      Decluttering is an art form as far as I’m concerned. I’m a secret hoarder according to my husband! Let me know how you get on as I might need your tips!

  72. Judith Mitchell

    I’m still working on my goals for 2017 – I know, I’m “running” a bit late this year!

    But these are the ones I have so far:
    To find a way of being financially independent taking into account my ill health (Fibromyalgia, CFS/ME and Emphysema) and looking after my elderly parents – this is one I’m still ‘firming up’ so to speak, yet it is probably the one that’s most important!

    To move my ponies nearer to where I live, ideally to my own land (not sure how I will achieve that yet but I have faith that it will happen).

    To be able to exercise in a way that strengthens my lungs without aggravating my other health conditions.

    To finally write that self-help book I’ve been meaning to write for so long – probably will be how I achieve goal #1…!

    Here’s hoping 2017 is the year we all achieve our goals – even if they’re only ‘dreams’ at the moment.

    • theserandomacts

      Judith, they are wonderful goals and so clear in how you’ve documented them! I just get a feeling that you’ve really set them in stone. I for one would like to pre-order my copy of your self-help book right now!

  73. appreciate the small stuff X

  74. Anthony Harrington

    mine is to worry less, I am always fretting over something or another and I am always uptight and stressed, I make this my resolution or target every new year and break it within a few hours, but maybe this time I can try again.

    • theserandomacts

      It doesn’t matter what happened before. This is the first page of your new book Anthony and you can write whatever story you choose, every day!

  75. Catherine Reynolds

    I have goals to work for Crisis at Christmas again and phone Street Links to make sure every vulnerable rough sleeper gets back into the system and supported.

  76. Vanessa Cox

    My main goals are to stay healthy and keep fit while enjoying every minute of 2017! Life is far too short to not embrace every single day!

  77. Louise Smith

    To get fit, I’ve not exercised for 25 years so need to make that my priority for 2017

  78. angela sandhu

    I really want to be healthier and encourage my son to be healthier too.

  79. Danielle Spencer

    Be kinder to myself – I’m good at offering help and attention to others and even have the lots of patience with them, but when it comes to myself I struggle to be kind to myself, about most things. It means a lot to me as it doesn’t help me being negative, I feel if I am more positive then things may fall in place more and I’ll be a happier person all round.

    • theserandomacts

      Don’t feel that’s selfish, you can only help others if you’re in a strong position yourself. These are great goals to work towards Danielle!

  80. nic murray

    i have a long term ilness so trying to gain a better understanding of what i am able to do versus what i want to do and not to feel bad if i can’t do everything i want

  81. Lorraine Tinsley

    I will say my usual goal which is to lose weight, I just want to go back to how I was 1 yr ago. I will also say that I just want to be happy and I am going to try and stress less about little things which don’t matter.

  82. I plan on eating more healthily – I’m diabetic and my glucose control has been getting better – I hope if I lose weight and eat more healthily that I will be able to reduce the amount of medication needed to control my diabetes and maybe even come off some of the meds. It’s important to me to have good control as my uncle is also diabetic and is losing his eyesight and I do not want to go blind

    • theserandomacts

      Great goal Ellie! Nothing more important than your health. Good luck with it all.

  83. Megan Kinsey

    I have two main goals this year – to become fluent in Spanish and to get healthy by doing regular exercise. I’ve always said that but this is the year!

    • theserandomacts

      Oh Megan, I instantly had a mental picture of you jogging whilst listening to a Spanish language course – you could do both at once! Buena suerte!

  84. Amanda Hart

    I am going to try and learn crochet, started a bit before Christmas so determined to learn more and make gifts for everyone….even if they don’t want them haha

    • theserandomacts

      I’m sure your family and friends will really appreciate a gift that you’ve personally made for them. I know I would!

  85. pete c

    just to make a lot more use of my time away from work rather than waste it as there are so many bigger and small things I would like to see or do

    • theserandomacts

      It’s the one thing you don’t get back – time – so invest it wisely! And have lots of fun doing so!

  86. Jane

    To eat more random food to make life a little more interesting.

  87. Kirsty Hanlon

    My biggest goal is to take my kids abroad, something I have wanted to do for years but a huge flying phobia has prevented me. I am determined to aim big with new york lol. I must be mad.

    • theserandomacts

      That’s amazing Kirsty! Do it! I’m a rubbish flyer and took my children abroad for their first holiday this summer and it was so worth the stress of the flights for the amazing time we all had!

  88. iain maciver

    to be happier

  89. Tiff Jordan

    My goals for 2017 are:
    -read more
    -spend less time on social media
    -follow my creative instincts
    These are important to me as I’m a role model to my kids and I’d like them to see me being creative and reading more.

    • theserandomacts

      Noble goals Tiff. We are trying to be less on our tech as a family and more engaged with each other. It’s so easy for each of us to get lost behind our devices and forget what’s important – each other!

  90. Kirsty Greer

    Read daily, encourage the children in their goals, make a huge start in our new business and blog and work towards buying our house x

  91. Amanda Johnson

    I don’t want to get into details on here, but I wan’t to get my mind healthy again, I can’t continue to struggle.

    • theserandomacts

      Thank you for sharing Amanda. I wish you the peace to release the inner strong person you have inside!

  92. Solange

    My goals for 2017 are to eat better and lose weight. This is important to me so I can be healthier and set a good example for my children.

    • theserandomacts

      Great goal and our children are such good motivating factors aren’t they?

  93. Charlie Brunton

    I want to finally start the YouTube channel I’ve been putting off for years! No more excuses & no more letting anxiety stop me! I have so many ideas and a old imagination and I just want to share them with the world!

    • theserandomacts

      You can’t stop people judging you Charlie, you can only stop being bothered by it. In my day job, I do Facebook Live shows and I’ve had to get past the anxiety of I’m too old / unattractive / inexperienced and it’s actually turned into quite a big deal. Most people are nicer than you expect and the rest, you don’t want to bother with their opinion anyway!

  94. Frances Heaton

    I am determined to continue my weight loss programme, after managing to lose one stone last year. My New Year’s resolution is to continue cutting the calories and keep on exercising Barney, my dog. It does both of us good!

    • theserandomacts

      That’s a lovely goal and I’m sure you and Barney love that time together too!

  95. Alix Smith

    I have so many goals I need to focus on one at a time! i’d like to lose a stone and get fit first of all, then I want to get organised & sort out a housework routine!

    • theserandomacts

      I find I have a lot of goals, so I use a year planner to chunk them up as to try and start twenty different things on 1st January is overwhelming and too hard to stick to. This might help you.

  96. Helen Moulden

    I think to be healthier. Not that I’m particularly unhealthy currently, but you can always eat one less chocolate biscuit!

    • theserandomacts

      Maybe just do a few extra flights of stairs a day so you can still enjoy the chocolate biscuits! Life has to feel good, right?

  97. I want to pay off our substantial debts, get a new job that I enjoy and save for a house deposit.

    • theserandomacts

      Do you have a strategy for getting out of debt? My cashflow is always feast or famine so I often read MSE for inspiration and ideas to make money go further.

  98. Hannah Scudder

    My goal is to save like mad so we can move in 2017, we desperately need a bigger place!

    • theserandomacts

      Fab! Do you have a target amount in mind? Are you keeping a spreadsheet to ensure you stay on track?

  99. Ruth Harwood

    I need to be more sociable and stop hibernating at home – people are not all that bad!!

    • theserandomacts

      I can be a bit of a homebird too so I know what you mean. It frustrates my husband immensely so I’m working on that as well.

  100. Annabel Greaves

    I will continue to support my family, particularly my autistic son, and help them to do their best throughout 2017

    • theserandomacts

      That’s really lovely Annabel! You sound like a great mum!

    • You mention your autistic son. Which made me Wonder if you and your family have access to information, support etc. There are some organisation which may be helpful. Such as :- Carers ( you may have a centre locally), Carers UK, REACH for Autism etc.

      Sometimes it is with help and support that you are enabled. There will also be information etc via the Internet.

  101. Sue McCarthy

    I need to get a job. been unemployed for a while now

    • theserandomacts

      If you’d like me to help you craft your CV, I’m an award-winning copywriter and I’d be happy to help you. PM me on Facebook and we can discuss.

  102. Sinead ORourke

    Volunteering in my local charity shop. its always nice to give back.

    • theserandomacts

      That’s really noble and I bet you meet some fabulous people in there too!

  103. Amy Fidler

    Ive recently aquired an Allotment so it’s important to be to get that ploughed and start growing vegs/fruit to help me improve my diet,so it’s important to me,to get it done ASAP,i will also encourage my family to help themselves to anything im growing,so get them healthier too

    • theserandomacts

      I love that Amy – I have a little something I’d like to gift to you in the post. Please PM me on Facebook and I’ll get your details. #theserandomacts

  104. ElizM

    Like you, I discovered Dale Carnegie, Anthony Robbins and NLP very early in life and was a very high achiever. Again, like you, family slows things down but my kids are now 13 and 11 and it’s time to rev up again. This year I’m going to double my income and increase the quality of my leisure time, take the kids to Scandinavia on holiday and upgrade my car – amongst other things…No idea how, yet!

    • theserandomacts

      I love the focus in just that one paragraph. Let me know how you’re getting on through the year – I might need some tips from you!

  105. Amanda

    Mine is to exercise more and do more things that make me happy.
    Sounds simple but much harder to do in practice when you have children with additional needs

    • theserandomacts

      It’s so hard to justify putting yourself first when you’re a mum. I wish you every success with it!

  106. My goals for 2017 are to get accepted into HNC Health and Social Care at college and to get some work experience, this is so important to me because it will give me and my baby girl a better future.

  107. helen tovell

    T o live for today, as you never know when tomorrow won’t come

  108. Ella L

    To get a diagnosis of what’s wrong with me. I have my suspicions and it’s probably quite bleak. But I would rather know so I can face up accept and somehow move forward

    • theserandomacts

      Hi Ella, that sounds like it must be such a burden on you. Please try to stay positive and I wish you a healthy, happy 2017.

  109. I’m getting a bike to keep my heart healthy – important as I’ve had a heart attack

  110. Laura Pritchard

    My goal is to make my living space less cluttered and more “grown up”.

    • theserandomacts

      Sounds lovely. I hope with some of my home improvement posts I can give you some inspiration during 2017.

  111. Caroline Hunter

    I have been so focussed on the alterations made to our house this year that I have probably (unintentionally) neglected some family and friends. In 2017, I am going to make sure I give them the time and attention they deserve 🙂

  112. Kelly Hemmings

    I suffer with bipolar so my goal is to try & eat, exercise & drink healthy in this coming year which will all help me to feel better

  113. laura stewart

    im going to try and spend less time working and more time with my daughter x

  114. jade rice

    my main goal its to fit ito my clothes ahaaa and for us all to have a happy year with exciting adveture my little girland 1 😀 oh hubby too forget him hes so quiet hehe x

  115. ann clements

    I want to lose a few pound because I am going away in february

  116. Iona Cornish

    To lose some weight, get fitter and more flexible. I don’t like what I see in the mirror – so time to fix it!

    • theserandomacts

      I really wish you great success with this as it’s better if the mirror is your friend! I avoid them at all costs!

  117. Judith Hamilton

    My goal is to be more organised this year. 2016 was bad in many ways personal and public, so here’s wishing everyone a good 2017.
    Good luck with the blog.

    • theserandomacts

      I’ve still not mastered organisation and I’m nearly 40! If you have any tips along the way, please come back and share them with me!

  118. Abigail Cullen

    Firstly I hope to lose the weight, that i have gradually put back on over the last 5 years.

    Secondly I hope to dabble a bit into peer lending, as I wish to earn a better interest rate, for the savings I have worked so hard for and to see it as a bit of a top up account.

    • theserandomacts

      I’ve done some of that, via Xopa and Funding Circle which I can both recommend. It does give a better rate of return than just leaving it in the bank at the moment.

  119. Kara W

    I would love to reach my goal weight before my next holiday and I also want to learn to drive.

  120. Rebecca Nisbet

    to lose weight so i can be a confident slim bride for my wedding in July.

    • theserandomacts

      It sounds like 2017 will be a truly wonderful year for you Rebecca. I wish you a beautiful wedding day and beyond.

  121. maria hackett

    My new years resolutions is to joining and have fun with my twin babies, I always take pictures and never on any of the photos. this year i would give the camera to hubby and make memories with my babies, lol

  122. Jennifer Toal

    Move house and try not to get so stressed with my teenage daughter grr

  123. lucy higgins

    i would like to meet new people, this is a big thing for me as I live on my own and have social anxiety which can be very isolating. It would be great to meet others my age and make some new friends

    • theserandomacts

      Hey Lucy, best of luck with that. It’s a fabulous goal to have!

  124. hannah wood

    I have a few to learn and get my bun into gear and drive also a few others.

  125. Simon C

    My goal is to get some work done on the house. We’ve been living with a knackered kitchen, bathroom, etc for too long but there’s just been too many other things happening for us to be able to sort it out. Hoping 2017 will be a bit quieter.

    • theserandomacts

      I hope you’ll find some useful tips here on my blog in 2017 Simon. Have a great year!

  126. Sarah Parker

    I want to read more as it relaxes me 🙂

    • theserandomacts

      I rarely get time to sit and read and even when I do, I choose TV or faffing about on my phone so I’m with you on that goal.

  127. Michelle Hollingsbee

    My #1 goal this year is to get my epilepsy under control with healthy eating and exercise. AED’s are just not controlling things as they should and I’m tired of being fed more and more so it’s time to open my mind and explore more natural methods. Second goal is to get around to all those little jobs that have needed doing around the house. The peeling bits of wallpaper and the chipped paint that I have ignored for so long now need to go and I need to face them head on with decorating tools in hand!!

    • theserandomacts

      DIY is my nemesis which is not good when we have lots of property and I’m always giving my husband a list of what needs doing at each property! I’m very good at project planning though so let me know if you’re ever in need of a planning spreadsheet 🙂

  128. Kate A

    I have a chronic illness which is gradually worsening. My aim for 2017 is to take better care of myself and also look at the positives in life instead of dwelling on things that my illness has taken away from me.

    • theserandomacts

      Hi Kate, look after yourself and find all those things you CAN do and let go of what you cannot.

  129. Diane Carey

    I need to declutter my home for two reasons – my first grandchild is due in June. So I need to make room for baby things and a travel cot. I also want to put my house up for sale, possibly next year. So I need to make the house look attractive to potential buyers. I also need to save a large deposit to buy a bungalow. It means a lot to me to move, as I have never liked living in my current home, even though we have lived here for nearly 29 years

    • theserandomacts

      I think it’s so important to have a home you love. Good luck with these goals Diane, and I know it will be a fabulous year for you as you welcome your first grandchild.

  130. I would like to grow my blog more. It would feel great to see it grow and hopefully be at least a part time income at some point in the future.

    • theserandomacts

      That’s a great goal to have! Me too, as you’ve seen on this post!

  131. Nikki Hayes

    I want to lose more weight (lost 22 pounds this year) and get more exercise, as well as finally giving up smoking for good (been on and off like a yo-yo in 2016). All these goals are for health reasons – I’ve hit middle age and its time to start making some changes :o)

    • theserandomacts

      Oh Nikki, I know just what you mean about middle age. Don’t tell anyone but I’m turning 40 in April! Eeek!

  132. Kellie Steed

    I have been meaning to write these down actually:

    Save enough for a birthday/Christmas trip to Orlando for my boy
    Lose 3 stone
    Be able to walk better than I can now, preferably with 1 stick rather than 2
    Not to let my illness defeat me
    Spend more time with friends

    • theserandomacts

      I’m so glad this post inspired you to write down your goals. People who document their goals are known to achieve more than those who don’t so you’re already on the right track.

  133. Derek Wilson

    My goal is to vastly reduce my alcohol intake, if not altogether. I normally have a couple of glasses of wine in the evening, but haven’t had a single one since Thursday, so it’s a good start! Wishing you all the best with the blog in 2017. x

    • theserandomacts

      Great start Derek! Thank you for the good wishes. I’m excited to see what 2017 will bring for the blog.

  134. Lynn Heath

    My goals are to get fitter and have more fun with the kids!

  135. Lorna Ledger

    To be healthier, I have never felt good enough inside to do this, but this year, after finding love, moving home, feeling settled, at 38 I do! So this year will be my year, a year of inner peace

    • theserandomacts

      I love that Lorna. You sound like you have all the motivation you need.

  136. Lara Latchem

    Mine is to get out of the house more with the youngest, been finding juggling my eldest who is disabled with having the energy to leave houses very hard, so have signed us up for forest school once a week so gives me a reason to go etc.

    • theserandomacts

      Forest school sounds really interesting. It may be worth looking at energy-giving foods and drinks to add to your diet to give you some natural get up and go to add to your own determination!

  137. Lyla

    I’ve been gradually putting on weight over the last few years and this year I’m determined to lose it all. If I can shed a pound a week for the whole year that will be more than my 3 stone target!

    • theserandomacts

      Chunking up big goals is really helpful I find otherwise they can look like insurmountable beasts! I wish you every success.

  138. Jayne Townson

    Mine is do try and do one random cat of kindness very day, because I think if we could all do this the world would be a better place.

  139. Jodie W

    I am going to aim to have more fun in 2017 (and hopefully better health). I’ve been ill for the best part of the last quarter (joys of toddler starting playgroup bringing all these bugs home) and over christmas too and im beginning to feel like life has got a bit too serious. Id like to instil a bit more fun into my life as well as my family in general. Im not quite sure how yet, but taking a lot more opportunities as they come up instead of going to bed early and making excuses not to go out.

    • theserandomacts

      This very day my two year old has had a sickness bug so I know just what you mean. Playgroups and nurseries are breeding grounds for really horrid bugs. I hope you can feel better now and start to have lots of fun and adventures!

  140. Stephanie Coals

    To learn German fluently – I’m planning on moving there late this year or early 2018 so i’d like a head start with the language before getting there!

    • theserandomacts

      I speak German and I find it so useful for business! Good luck with it.

  141. Em S

    Spend some quality time with my family (reduce screen time basically), as we’re slowly becoming disconnected

  142. Mel Evans

    My goal this year is to get a job that I enjoy, which hopefully will pay more than my current one

  143. My 2017 goal is to become more goal oriented, which sounds a bit silly. I really want to get in to the habit of setting goals for myself and hitting targets. I have a tendency to drift along in life 😀

    • theserandomacts

      I hope you’ve bookmarked this blog then Angela, as that’s one of my key objectives. I think we all drift when not clear on what we’re working towards and that can be as simple as writing something down, keeping a vision board etc.

  144. Helen Stratton

    To finally sort out getting my own pub. This is the way forward to my future and I need to do it.

    • theserandomacts

      Great big goal there Helen. Have you documented the steps you need to take to get you there?

  145. I love the idea of this blog! My main goals are to get 320 students to join my ecourse (this would make me hit my financial goal for it), and self-publish a short story collection.

    • theserandomacts

      Thanks Julianne. I’m please this blog has touched such a need in people in just a few short days! I’m not sure what your ecourse is about but could you publish some expert articles for LinkedIn Pulse to help attract people in?

  146. Joanne Phillips

    My goals for 2017 involve getting out of debt and saving a deposit for a house for me and my 2 young children. I’m working hard on my plan to get there asap!

    • theserandomacts

      Hey Joanne, I find having a plan is half the battle. Start with the goal and then chunk it up into achievable sub goals. Then you can see the journey ahead and make steps into it.

  147. jayne hall hall

    to find a job freinds and lose weight

    • theserandomacts

      Great goals. Perhaps finding a job will lead to new friends and if you join a weight loss group that could also introduce you to new people?

  148. Tracy Gladman

    I am looking for a new job – as I want to increase my income. I also want to lose a stone in weight so that I look good for my cruise.

    • theserandomacts

      Just think of all the gorgeous cruisewear you are going to look amazing in! There’s motivation right there. Good luck with the job hunting too!

  149. justine meyer

    My main goal is just to keep my little family happy and safe xx

  150. Rebekah Jones

    My goal for this year to promote understanding of my (and so many others) disabilities. They are invisible and like so many other invisible illnesses and disabilities, we endure so much misunderstanding, indignity and damn right rudeness every day.

    • theserandomacts

      Good on you! We should all be a little more considerate as there’s so much more to people than what we see at first glance.

  151. Margaret GALLAGHER

    Mine is quite simple (in theory)
    Its to live in the moment and enjoy each precious second
    Radom acts of kindness for myself
    A challenfe im looking forward too
    Good luck with yours

    • theserandomacts

      Sometimes we get so caught up with the daily grind, that we forget to enjoy the good times so I think that’s a great goal you have there.

  152. Sara Goodman

    I really want to lose weight as I really don’t like feeling the way I do. I’d love to try clothes on in shops and like the way they look.

    Thanks for a super giveaway 🙂

    • theserandomacts

      You are welcome on the giveaway! Do you have a goal weight in mind and a plan for how you’ll get there?

  153. Sarah Walford

    To be more organised so that things are less stressful and we can enjoy the time we have as a family together.

    • theserandomacts

      I’m not known for my personal organisation so that’s something I always have to work on! Good luck with that goal!

  154. Emma s

    We’re saving to buy a house. Did it all the worn way round so babies first the house the next maybe a wedding. We want our own financial independence and not have to rely on a landlord.

    • theserandomacts

      Great plan. Do you know what sort of deposit you’ll need and have you created a plan as to how you’ll save it?

  155. Sue Harrison

    I am aiming to make more time to meet up with old friends for a meal or a coffee and a chat. Time passes so fast !

    • theserandomacts

      Hi Sue, our connection with other people is so valuable and yet it’s something that always gets passed over for other practicalities. I wish you every success with this goal.

  156. Alice Gilkes

    I want to pass my Compti A+ exam so that I can get a decent job in IT.

  157. Alice Gilkes

    My goal for 2017 is to pass all my exams so that I can get myself a decent job.

    • theserandomacts

      Do you have a good study plan set out so you can maximise your success?

  158. Richard Tyler

    Eating healthy, sorting out my driving, spending more family time….all important!

  159. Lynsey Buchanan

    My goals for 2017 are to continue with my studies to achieve my career goals.

    I am currently in my third year of my four year plan and will have achieved my goals by June 2018.

    • theserandomacts

      Hey Lynsey, I love the fact you have a plan. That’s half the path to success right there.

  160. jo liddement

    My main goal for 2017 is to get lots of the little unfinished jobs around the house and garden and craft projects completed this year and have already started.

    • theserandomacts

      Fantastic Jo. I hope some of my property blog articles will be useful for you.

  161. Sam McKean

    My goal for 2017 is to remodel my bathroom, to get fit and to loose weight. The first one is because I want to sell my house and move. The second and third are because I want to be able to have fun with my children for as long as possible and being healthier will help me achieve that.

    • theserandomacts

      Do keep an eye on this blog then as I’ll be talking about adding value to a property so I hope to give you some inspiration along the way! Enough DIY will help you get fit and lose weight too!

  162. Louise Burgess

    I plan to get out of debt so can save for our own home rather than renting.

    • theserandomacts

      Great plan, have you started budgeting to keep track of your finances?

  163. Nicki simpson

    To have a tidier house and to take better care of myself

    • theserandomacts

      Great goals Nicki. I think half the secret to a tidy house is having enough storage! Are you decluttering?

  164. Margaret Abram

    I’m getting together with friends for a goal setting session, next week. I need to get fit having been ill since September. I’m looking forward to sharing ideas.

    • theserandomacts

      I can already feel success brewing for you Margaret. You have a goal setting session and goal partners – those are techniques employed by serious high achievers. I wish you every success with those goals you identify.

  165. Michelle Stokes

    I want to carry on with my weight loss journey (currently standing at 4 stone) which has taken me a year, but I want to do it slowly this time and stick to being healthier and thinner. I also believe in RAOK and try to practise them whenever I can – just like yesterday when a patient, where I work needed some deodorant and wasn’t expecting any visitors, so I gave her the can from my bag, she beamed from ear to ear that someone could do that for her.

    • theserandomacts

      What a legend – 4 stones! And I love that you have being practising RAOK. I think those in caring professions naturally see these opportunities where others may not but that’s what this blog is all about. To help us all see how easy it is to put sparkle into someone else’s day.

  166. Fay Norris

    To carry on working towards making our business a success

    • theserandomacts

      Fantastic Fay, do you have a strong business and marketing plan?

      • Fay Norris

        Of course. The business is thriving, just unfortunate that the outgoings are just so high at the moment. We have a 5 year plan which we are ahead of schedule on, just won’t really see any of the profits until we’ve reached to where we want to be. Now I have a new hobby of comping, its given me the idea to maybe do a competition of our own one day!

  167. Samantha R

    I had a terrible 2016.. my mum was diagnosed with cancer so I quit my job to be able to go through it with her. Luckily things are looking really positive after really tough treatment. I’m starting a new exciting job next week and get married in the summer so my goal this year is just to have a good one!! Keep smiling and be positive.

    • theserandomacts

      I am so glad you have a positive prognosis. Cancer is the scariest thing you can experience with loved ones but for me, it massively helped me recalibrate what’s important in life and not to judge myself by other people’s standards. What you want to get out of life, whatever that may be, is OK. This is your life and you deserve to take your own path. Much love to you and your mum.

  168. Gemma Clark

    Many of my friends and family had awful luck in 2016, so I intend to start 2017 with a more positive outlook on life and to spend more time with those I hold dear. PND made me shut myself away a lot last year and now I’m feeling on top of it so very hopeful things will change x

    • theserandomacts

      Hey Gemma. PND can be so hard! I love your goal to be positive and to enjoy time with loved ones. Keep that upbeat momentum going!

  169. Sarah Mackay

    I want to learn to drive as it will give me a bit more independence

    • theserandomacts

      I always say learning to drive is the best qualification I ever earned as it’s a passport to freedom and independence. Good luck with this!

  170. I’ve got a shed load of goals this year, but I am focusing on myself this year.

  171. clair downham

    to go to bed earlier so get more sleep and so feel a lot better and less grumpy

    • theserandomacts

      There are so many distractions at night aren’t there. TV in the bedroom, our mobiles etc. I definitely get distracted and don’t get enough sleep so I think that could make you feel so much better. Let me know how you get on.

  172. Janet Birkin

    Have more confidence in myself

    • theserandomacts

      That’s lovely to have as a goal Janet. I think sometimes the self-talk we do doesn’t help so do remember to be kind to yourself each day.

  173. ElegantyHafsah

    To spend more time with family and appreciate each day as it comes.

    • theserandomacts

      What a beautiful goal and mantra! I am more mindful than ever about appreciating the small stuff right now.

  174. jessica cook

    to be able to save money xx

    • theserandomacts

      Hey Jessica, great goal. Do you have a plan? Are you keeping a spreadsheet?

  175. Louise Crocker

    My goals are to help others more and make people feel good about themselves. I’m loving your ambition and motivation. I wish you all the luck in the world.

  176. Sarah Mcvicar

    Iv’e lost 3 stone so far and hope to reach my target weight by the summer. I really want to try and combat my anxiety and be able to go out more with the family xx

    • theserandomacts

      Anxiety can be a horrid thing. Perhaps you can combine your goals and get your family out on long walks so you are keeping fit to keep the weight off and spending enjoyable time with them.

  177. Sandra Bald

    1 of my goals for 2017 is to start swimming again.
    For the last few years I swam 50/60 lengths at least 3 times a week.
    At the beginning of 2016 I had a leg injury, which I’ve now recovered from however I got out of the habit of regular swimming

    It’s so important to me because I enjoy swimming on my own. I enjoy the me time & the exercise.

    • theserandomacts

      Great goal Sandra. I think this offers so many benefits and not just health benefits. That quality alone time to relax and think is so valuable.

  178. sarah

    My 2017 goals mostly revole around health and weight loss. I know that is what most people say but I need to stay focued on my weight loss journey, and imporve my health.

    • theserandomacts

      Have you written the goals down anyway to review regularly as this will definitely help you stay on track.

  179. Kate Davies

    My goal this year is to be organised, I’m a scatter brain who can never find what I’m looking for and I live with a hubby who just empty’s his pockets anywhere and leaves it and our 4 year old son who is a typical little boy. This all adds up to frantically trying to find a matching sock on school mornings or a certain toy to prevent melt downs. So this year I’m going to get on top of it and keep on top of it.

    • theserandomacts

      I love that! Do you have any routines to follow to ensure you don’t fall back into bad habits?

  180. My goal is to be able to run 10k, as I want to get fit!

    • theserandomacts

      Have you booked yourself onto a 10k? You could raise some money for charity too with friends and family sponsoring you!

  181. Marie Evans

    Well done on all your goals you have achieved & may your be a roaring success so much has you win an award for it that would be an achievement in its self.
    Has for me I am one of lives plodders,I make plans & some reason or other they fail.Usually I try do something as a family & always things happen to take the shine off it,Be it illness
    ,Lateness or unforeseen things,All which can’t be helped life generally gets in the way so I am not an optimistic person by nature.Wether I can change that this year will see as I am going to try & be a more optimistic which is hard for me.I always have felt if I don’t look forward to something & I enjoy that’s a bonus rather be optimistic then it all fails.

  182. Isabel O

    One of my goals is to drink a lot more water/fluids. I know that might sound a bit lame but I just got over a really horrible kidney infection with kidney stones. I was told in hospital I need to drink a lot of water every day to help try and stop it happening again. So I’m kind of single minded about it now. I was really bad at it before- drinking lots of diet coke and not much else. 🙂

    • theserandomacts

      I think these health scares can really get you thinking so I’m glad to hear you’ve made such positive changes!

  183. Kelly Hirst

    To spend more time with my family – because life’s too short for boring resolutions

  184. Sirley Young

    I’ve been struggling to shed the baby weight for over a year now. So this year I want to be healthier and move around more.

    • theserandomacts

      Great goal to have. Long walks with little one in a stroller could be a good idea?

  185. my 2017 goal is to expand my family through adoption and i start first meeting next week 🙂
    wish me luck xx

  186. Lisamarie mclaughlin

    Just a knew follower what a fantastic gaol,
    I’m do looking forward to seeing and reading your posts , Me and my twins took plastic bag to park yesterday and picked litter up felt good just to do something nice twins also enjoyed doing it to ,thanks for the chance to win in your compatition ever so kind

    • theserandomacts

      I love that the litter collection thing seems to be getting a bit of a following! It’s so simple, entertains the children, costs nothing and makes our parks more beautiful as a result! Good on you!

  187. Karen hutchinson

    To be healthier -walk more and eat less and to get rid of migraines and stop worrying about everything . Read more books and go to the theatre more often

    • theserandomacts

      I love the things there that will feed your soul as well as enhance your physical health. Great goals.

  188. Kate Grogan

    Continue with the Blood Sugar Diet – it would be wonderful if I can reverse my diabetis diagnosis 🙂

  189. Julie Howarth

    My goals for 2017 are to exercise more….no excuse now got a treadmill and Fitbit for Christmas, to eat more healthier and to try to be more positive and enjoy life more

    • theserandomacts

      You’ve got the tools so you just need to use them. The Fitbit should help make more of a game of keeping fit which I think can really help keep you on track!

  190. Mrs Gemma Huelin

    To learn to not be so hard on myself and learn to love me as I was quite down on myself last year x

    • theserandomacts

      I know just what you mean! But remember, you rock! Sometimes you need to be your own cheerleader when no one else is!

  191. norma robertson

    My persona goal is to be working towards losing 8 stones in weight in the forth coming months and more .it is extremely important as my general health is affected by being over weight .

    • theserandomacts

      That’s a big goal but I know you can do it. Do you have a plan to lose the first stone as if you can break the goal down, it is more achieveable and then it will keep you motivated to stay the course!

  192. Richard R

    I want to save more and get a house of my own

    • theserandomacts

      Great goal Richard. Have you worked out what you’ll need to save and put some plans in place to do so?

  193. Karen Richards

    I’m going to make the most of each day and try new things.

    • theserandomacts

      A simple mantra but I bet that leads to some wonderful opportunities!

  194. Hazel Rea

    My first goal for 2017 is to add more variety to my diet by using things such as teff. I’ve had to remove several foods due to allergies and want to start adding more flavours etc. back in. My second goal is to do something we enjoy every day and go bodyboarding as much as possible (we are only 20 miles from the coast). We took up bodyboarding almost three years ago just after my husband retired and loved it so much we even have wetsuits etc. to prolong the season. My third goal is, as always, to do what I can in my small way to help people I come in contact with – even if it is just taking time to listen to them because they have no-one else to talk to.

    Good luck with your goals for 2017.

    • theserandomacts

      I love those goals. I also really love how you have a goal to help others Hazel!

  195. L Farnworth

    One of my goals is to decorate my home throughout. Another is to stick to a sensible bedtime – I’m a total night owl

    • theserandomacts

      There will be lots of interior design and decoration pieces coming up here so do keep an eye on the blog and I hope it’s helpful to you.

  196. Jessica steele

    Our goal as a family is to spend a lot of quality time together. We do already but this year is especially important as my youngest will be starting school next year (eek!) and I will have to go back to work (boo!) so family life as it is now will change drastically.

    • theserandomacts

      With all those big life changes happening next year it’s definitely a great time to make lots of wonderful memories!

  197. Fiona Rennie

    I really want to get myself fitter in 2017, I need to do this for myself and the way I feel just now

    • theserandomacts

      Sounds great – what kind of exercise do you find most enjoyable?

  198. Jo Glasspool

    To get the house decorated. We’ve been here for 3 years now and still have the previous owner decor, I hate it.

    • theserandomacts

      Yes, I can totally understand how you’d want to put your own stamp on your home. Do you have a plan of what order to do the rooms in and an idea of what that’s going to cost?

  199. Linda Ford

    To reduce our debt and have more confidence in myself, especially when driving and parking!

    • theserandomacts

      As my son often says to me when I’m reverse parking, “Believe in yourself”!

  200. My goal is to cut my sugar intake I don’t drink or smoke so it’s my only vice x

  201. Kim Styles

    To lose the two and a Half stone I have put back on after losing it last year – sob

  202. to read more – i failed terribly in 2016!!

    • theserandomacts

      Perhaps give yourself a TV free night where you snuggle up with a great read instead?

  203. Debbie Holter

    Off work with a nasty bug and feeling sorry for myself. Your blog has cheered me up no end. What a beautiful way to spend your time. Looking forward to seeing what you get up too. X

    • theserandomacts

      I’m sorry you’re not feeling too well and I hope that passes soon. How lovely of you to read my blog and send me a message even when you were feeling poorly! Much appreciated.

  204. michelle o'neill

    it was a rough year health wise last year, so this year i hope to get away on afew stress free weekends away x

    • theserandomacts

      That sounds lovely Michelle. I wish you a year of great health and wonderful trips away!

  205. Angela Pagan

    2017 is the year I get my career back on track! After time out to bring up my kids, it’s time to get back to work! I just have to find a job now!

    • theserandomacts

      Sounds like you have a BIG year coming up Angela. I wish you every success.

  206. Anne Brookes

    to start my new job and to finally be happy.

    • theserandomacts

      Be happy now, you can choose happiness no matter what your circumstances – sometimes, you just need to work a bit harder to focus on the good stuff!


    My goals for 2017 is to pay off my credit cards. I’ve already taken the first step and cut them up.
    This is important to me because I hate owing money which I can’t pay off fully & then owe more because of the interest added.

    • theserandomacts

      Great goal to have Amanda, and once you’ve done that you can start saving money too!

  208. Hi there would you mind stating which blog platform you’re using?

    I’m looking to start my own blog in the near future but I’m having a hard time selecting between BlogEngine/Wordpress/B2evolution and
    Drupal. The reason I ask is because your layout seems different then most blogs and I’m looking for something unique.
    P.S Sorry for being off-topic but I had to ask!

    • theserandomacts

      Hey, this is just WordPress but given some love by my designers at my day job!

  209. Amanda

    To live more and not worry so much. I’ve lost so many people in the last year so I realise life is too short

  210. Victoria Prince

    My main goal for 2017 is to accept the things I can’t change, and find a direction to make the most of my abilities – I have completely lost my sense of direction thanks to have to give up my old life due to failing health, so my 2017 goal is to find my new place in life! (and my other 2017 goal is to grow much more of my own veg :))

    • theserandomacts

      Hey Victoria, your new place in life could be your best place yet so it’s an exciting time. I wish you every success.

      • Victoria Prince

        Thank you very much 🙂 I do hope so – no point in looking backwards, so I will be doing my best to make it so! I wish you every success with your goals too 🙂

  211. Jess Mary

    To focus on my mental and physical health more this year! Read more books, go on more trips, join a yoga club – these are just a few of the things I want to do this year! 🙂

  212. Anthea Holloway

    My goals are to meet up with old friends whom we haven’t seen for years. It is very important to me as I get older as I really don’t want to lose touch with them.

  213. Lynne OConnor

    This is the year that I finish things I’ve started, but at the same time I’m going to allow myself to give in when my body tells me to rest. My transplant may have helped but isn’t a cure and I’m not going to get stressed out about it.

    • theserandomacts

      I wish you every success in your goal and take good care of yourself.

  214. Carly Belsey

    To keep in touch with my old friends as I have neglected them recently just because life has got in the way but life is short and housework can wait, friends are more important

  215. Alica

    I am going to spend less time focusing on the trivial things in life and be happy!

    • theserandomacts

      I love that. I sometimes “sweat the small stuff” and it never makes you happy doing so, so I really hope you have massive success with this and you can show me the way!

  216. Helen Humphries

    I need to focus on health which means making appointments and doing some research I have been putting off, even being a little pushy – this not come naturally hence the need to focus!

    • theserandomacts

      So important to look after yourself. I wish you lots of success with this!

  217. sarah rowland

    my goal is to lose 6 stone in weight that iv piled on since 2012 and 3 pregnancies, support my eldest son who is 4 going from nursery to school in the summer and book a family holiday to blackpool for my 3 boys.
    Health, happiness and making memories are the 3 things on our goal list for 2017

    • theserandomacts

      These are great goals Sarah. I’m going to be doing some posts around fitness on this blog so do keep an eye out.

  218. My goal for this year is to get fit, including learning to ride a bike, something I never did as a child

    • theserandomacts

      Me either! I tried riding my 7 year old’s bike this Christmas and even that was terrifying so I wish you every success with it. I always think it looks like such fun when I see families cycling together!

  219. Julie

    To not sweat the small stuff and try to do at least one good deed each week

  220. I like to make a series of resolutions. One is to work on building a blog, and another is to create.

  221. C Kennedy

    My goal for 2017 is to spend a little bit more time and money on myself. I’m going to buy myself that lipstick, get my nails done and take the time to read a good book in the bath (all things I haven’t done in years!)

    • theserandomacts

      I think that’s great. There is nothing wrong with taking great care of yourself.

  222. Pauline jaconelli

    My goal for 2017 is to get back out to work again, I feel it’s important for my mental health to be honest, I’ve been at home since my youngest son was born almost 2 years ago and he will be starting nursery very soon so it’s very important that I achieve this asap


    To complete the house, new kitchen, bedroom etc, I deserve it after years of living in sh1t tip

  224. Kelli

    Finally start my life again after all the set backs so far. Positivity!!

  225. amy bondoc

    to stress less and smile more! i suffered so much with stress in 2016 i barely went out and forgot how to smile! worrying over nothing and things that couldnt be changed i intend to have muore fun in 2017!

    • theserandomacts

      It’s easy to get overcome by stress. I hibernate when I’m stressed out and tend to be either at work or home but nowhere else so that’s something I try to fight against now I’m conscious of it. Just think of all the adventures you can have when you’re out and about!

  226. james wright

    my goal is to lose weight,i dont have self confidence at the moment

    • theserandomacts

      I wish you every success James. Do you have a plan in mind to achieve that? Healthy eating? Some fitness activity you enjoy?

  227. Andrew Hindley

    Need to economise and get financially wise and get rid of my debts

    • theserandomacts

      Have you started to think how you’ll do that? Have you worked out in what order to pay the debts off, ie. highest interest rate first?

  228. sharon stanley

    I have just had an operation on my knee so my main task is to get rehabilitated so that I am able to play with the children in the summer and take them on holiday.

  229. Stevie

    This year I’ve decided to smarten up.

  230. amanda walsh

    I lost 2 stone last year and this year I want to lose another 3 stone and get healthier

    • theserandomacts

      Well Amanda, you already know you can do it as you are well on your way! I wish you continued success.

  231. I want to be healthier and a little lighter.

    • theserandomacts

      I’m doing some fitness posts coming up so do keep an eye out for them!

  232. I’ve finally made a start on a book I wanted to write so 2017 is the year I am going to do this! It’s not a novel or anything intended to sell – but it is something for my kids to read when they are older and perhaps even their grandkids one day! And I’m going to have a lot of fun writing it!

    • theserandomacts

      What a lovely idea! I think that is priceless and something that could live on for generations. Magnificent goal.

  233. gemma hendry

    to find a new house and be an amazing mum to my 10 month old daughter

    • theserandomacts

      Start looking for that house then so you know what you’re working towards!

  234. Tracey Belcher

    Tick items off the Bucket List and get my dads old classic motorbike on the road (important to me as important to him and time is our enemy)

    • theserandomacts

      That’s so lovely Tracey – something for you and your dad to enjoy together.

  235. pc1974

    i need to get a job good luck with your goals

  236. To think more positively and get stuff done instead of faffing

  237. Ashley Phillips

    To lead by example and not use technology too much. I used to be on my laptop for up to 10 hours a day, today is the first time I have turned it on in a week. We are all trying to do more creative things with our time, I’ve started cross-stitching again so the voucher would go towards my next project.

    • theserandomacts

      Love that! We do seem to have become slaves to our devices somewhat so I bet the experience will be really refreshing.

  238. I am going to try and be more positive about everything – negativity is so horrible I am giving it the elbow for 2017!

  239. Karen Barrett

    I have been retired for a number of years, hubby reties very soon, start to live a little together, starting with lots of holidays!

  240. Sarah Wilson

    To pass my driving test, because it would make family life so much easier if I could drive too!

    • theserandomacts

      It’s a passport to freedom! Best qualification you’ll ever earn!

  241. Mary Foster

    I want to plan for the future, i.e. arrange life cover for my family, this is very important because I don’t want my family having to worry about money

  242. Laura Corrall

    I have quite an odd goal for 2017. It’s to visit very park in my fine little city. Be it for a play, picnic, feed the ducks or just a brisk walk it means I can spend some quality family time outside of the house, somewhere new and scenic, and tech free.

    • theserandomacts

      Beautiful goal and so rewarding I am sure. Let me know how you get on!

  243. Veronica Lopez-Smith

    I want to spend as much time as I can creating great memories with my friends and family.

  244. Ann Robinson

    To carry on losing weight and eating healthily. I’ve managed to lose a fair amount of weight which i have done in the past but this time i would like to maintain this weight and not go back up again

    • theserandomacts

      Fantastic Ann. I’ll be doing some fitness posts starting in the next couple of weeks, so please keep an eye out as they could be quite useful to you.

  245. 48 arthritis and after 4 years not walking due to pain, I realised it hurts just as much so my goal is to keep going, back at work in the job I love and ready to go

  246. Rebecca mercer

    I want to save more and spend less

    • theserandomacts

      That’s all about changing habits and asking if you truly need something before you buy it. I’ve been a lot more frugal this last year and been able to change things for the better as a result.

  247. Kathryn Casbolt

    Goals are always better than resolutions. Resolutions are normally brtoken but goals can be worked at and achieved.

  248. I must lose weight to keep my blood pressure down

    • theserandomacts

      I wish you every success. Will you be joining a slimming club to work on this amongst a group of supportive peers?

  249. Michelle Ferguson

    I want to save some money and clear some debt.

  250. Donna Craggs

    I intend to take control of my health this year and get back on track to health and happiness and hopefully my journey will inspire other auto immune disease suffers

    • theserandomacts

      That sounds great to become an inspiration to other people suffering such a condition. I wish you every success.

  251. Robert Price

    To lose weight and get fitter

    • theserandomacts

      Sounds a good plan Robert. Are you joining a gym or working out at home?

  252. Mary H

    Good on you! I love a woman with drive and ambition. With that attitude, you will succeed.


    I’m working on being more decisive & positive to help combat my depression

  254. Kim Neville

    To go on more fun family days out and try out places never been to yet. My son is obsessed with rollercoasters at the moment and there are a few he wants to visit lol

    • theserandomacts

      Fantastic, and that’s an opportunity to make some wonderful memories together.

  255. carole n

    Try to be content with life and not worry too much

  256. Charlotte Hood

    My goal for 2017 is just to be happier with myself! I’ve spent so much time stressing about this and that and I’ve had enough of it all, time to take time for me! 🙂

    • theserandomacts

      It’s so easy to get caught up in the here and now and get stressed out by things that really shouldn’t bother us. I really wish you every success with this one!

  257. Sheri Darby

    My goal is to try and get my house sorted out at last

    • theserandomacts

      Sounds good Sheri, what in particular will you be doing to your house?

  258. Rebecca Howells (@PeanutHog)

    To lose weight as i am getting married soon

    • theserandomacts

      Congratulations on your forthcoming nuptuals. I’m sure the natural pre-wedding nerves will play their part in your weight loss plan!

  259. Kirsten Barthy

    Returning to work from maternity leave and be successful but also having a great time with the kids when I am not in work.

    • theserandomacts

      That sounds like you’ll have the perfect balance. I wish you success Kirsten!

  260. Perr Nish

    Taking (and passing…..fingers crossed!!!) my driving test

  261. Tania Atfield

    My goals are to keep my job, do up my utility and kitchen and try and be supermum to my kids.

    • theserandomacts

      That sounds great – but I’m sure they think you are supermum already!

  262. To get fitter as I think it’ll give me more energy and make me happier

    • theserandomacts

      Definitely. I’m starting with a personal trainer at the gym next week so keep a look out for blog posts about my experiences!

  263. Natalie Baskerville

    My goals are to start making sensible decisions and taking control of my own happiness. This is important to me because for too long I’ve let mental health problems control my life, I’ve made self-destructive decisions time after time. But happiness is in my hands nobody else and so I need to start making sensible decisions and taking control of my life.

    • theserandomacts

      I think we all self-sabotage from time to time, but make 2017 the year where you treat YOU kindly!

  264. Sandra Jo Siddall

    I’m dieting for my health which will hopefully improve my life 🙂

  265. Ian Campbell

    To teach myself a new skill that I didn’t know how to do the year before. So many resolutions fail because people set themselves unreasonable targets. This way, I can enjoy a new experience with no pressure and plenty of fun and laughs along the way 🙂

  266. Richell Lever

    to relax more and slow down, I’m always on the go!

  267. Andrea Johnson

    To become financially stable. I need and want to for my kids

  268. Cathryn Crawshaw

    to get debt down but still have family fun

    • theserandomacts

      There are so many ways of having family fun that don’t cost money and of course, the stress of debt has such an impact on family life anyway so getting that down will only see things improve!

  269. Dawn F

    My goals for 2017 are to get fitter, eat less sugar and lose weight because I don’t feel healthy.

  270. Patricia Avery

    I am 70 this year and my goal for 2017 is to make sure I make the most of every day I wake up fit and healthy. Since retiring time has passed far too quickly. I’m determined not to waste any of the time I have left!

  271. Jemma Dwyer

    2017 will be a fab year for my i have a little man who is nearly 2 and still not walking which has been very stressful but i know 2017 will be when he finally starts walking exciting times for 2017 😀


    just to be a better person than i was yesterday

    • theserandomacts

      You say just but that’s a big ask some days. Best of luck working on yourself this year.

  273. Hope this years a better year

  274. Nancy Bradford

    To be a lot better with money and to lose weight.

  275. Susan Elvin

    My goal for 2017 is to learn to tap dance. I have started over 50s tap class! I have always wanted to learn to dance so here comes Ginger Rogers 2017 (not).

  276. olivia hinton

    loose weight, make sure my daughter is happy, make the right choices for me

  277. Amy Dacre

    Make the most of being engaged and enjoy all the wedding prep before the big day in Sept

  278. Kat Lucas

    To be financially independent since I just went through a surprise divorce and have recently started my own business

  279. Lisa Wilkinson

    I want to get healthier by looking at the food I eat and introducing more exercise into me every day routines. I’d like to do this for myself and my health but also for my daughter to see that it is a natural way of life and to become healthy herself in her adult years

  280. natalee gosiewski

    to laugh and smile more this year and to spend more time playing cards and board games with the kids

  281. Stephen Little

    Keep my life on an even keel.

  282. Catherine

    get a stable job – I have been temping for 10 years- and stability would be nice

  283. Brenda M

    I’ve had ongoing problems with my back which came to a head in December and I ended up in hospital early January having injections into my back. Therefore, living a much healthier and fitter life this year is more important than ever for me.

  284. Angela Wilcox

    I have a few goals for this year. Get healthy and lose weight by eating better and getting out for more walks, get on top of my finances once and for all and also to be more postive in general.

  285. Susan B

    I have never been lucky enough to go on a package holiday so my wish or goal for this year is to treat myself to a break in a European city.

  286. Dominique Clarke

    To forget about the material things and have more experiences with my young family and to go on more walks and explore

  287. Sheila Reeves

    To get some additional study/recognition at work, it’s important to me both to advance myself and to show myself that I can do it!

  288. donna l jones

    to try and be more patient

  289. Pauline Dring

    My goals for 2017 are to lose 2 stone in weight. It’s important to me because if other people can lose weight successfully, then I should be able to. If I don’t succeed it’ll be down to lack of will power and weakness from me.

  290. Vicki A Smith

    To start a savings fund (better late than never!) and get my business off the ground.

  291. Jane Middleton

    To build up our home based business so we can start a family and live comfortably.

  292. Bridget Neptune

    My biggest resolution is to be positive in all aspects of my life – count my blessings, create more and look forward to them coming in abundance!

  293. Amanda Brown

    Live a healthier and happier more positive life.

  294. Amanda Brown

    To be more positive

  295. Gillian Turner

    To work on the house and hopefully raise the value, with improvements and security.

  296. liz ferguson

    to swim more, just because i love to swim, but dont swim as much as i would like xx

  297. Natalie Ellis

    This year my main aim is to live a healthier lifestyle. I have joined a slimming group and hope to lose 4 stone.

  298. Maria Jane Knight

    My goal for 2017 is to be more adventurous in the kitchen, i want to dust of those recipe books that sit on my worktop space and try some new meals which will *hopefully* become firm favourites with my family.

  299. samantha buntain

    My goals for 2017 are to get my dream job and to start my little one in nursery

  300. Kim Howard

    I need to get better at swimming because I really want to become more confident in the water.

  301. Gill Mitchell

    Mine is to lose weight. My brother in law gets married in October and it’s really important to me that I look nice in the wedding photos.

  302. Ema J Lowe

    i need to get onto losing some weight, I would love to lose it and keep it off, I am sure I would be happier being a few stone lighter.

  303. Chris Fletcher

    To sort the house out! firstly the damp, then the bathroom, then the kitchen!

  304. Claire Long

    My goal for 2017 is to get pregnant!
    I’ve been trying for a while and I’m now 33 so I’m hoping it happens soon.

  305. Kat Allinson

    To enjoy every day rather than wishing some of them away

  306. Clare Hubbard

    To Be happier and calmer

  307. Ellen Stafford

    To lose weight and get help with my anxiety

  308. Leanne Bell

    Quite simply to spend more quality time with my family x

  309. Adrian Bold

    My goals are to eat healthier and do more exercise. I need to lose some weight, and generally aren’t in good shape.

  310. Tee simpson

    To make time for family anf friends as last year I realised life is short after loosing many loved ones

  311. Hayley Colburn

    I need to start getting a better sleep routine, I struggle with insomnia and it destroys my day to day life, I’m always too tired to do anything during the day, have got a new plan this year (sounds so simple but it IS really difficult to change the habit of a lifetime) no more technology or tv after 10, cut out the caffeiene – nothing after 8, have an hours’ winding down time. Am hoping these (with meds) help because I want to be fresh and alert and able to do quality things with the kids in my spare time instead of c atching up on missed sleep