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Sleep Your Way to Success with an S+ by ResMed & Giveaway

According to a 2015 study by Johns Hopkins researchers, there’s a difference between sleep that’s long but interrupted and sleep that’s short and sound. As you may assume, it’s better for the brain to sleep for a shorter number of uninterrupted hours than a longer number of fitful ones. That’s why I was so interested to try the S+ by ResMed, which claims to track and improve sleep from the very first night.

The S+ by ResMed is a non-contact sleep sensor which, simply put, means that when paired with your mobile device it tracks, analyses and reports back, an analysis of your sleep each night.

The S+ is a sleek unit which sits on your bedside table and after pairing with your mobile, you simply press a button to tell it you are going to sleep with a quick survey of your day (how much caffeine you’ve had, level of stress that day etc), whereupon the device takes over. It has some handy functions such as Mind Clear, where you can type a note or record a voice message if anything pops into your head that you’ll need to remember but would keep you awake normally. There’s also a Relax to Sleep option which plays gentle music to settle you for the night however, as someone who doesn’t struggle to sleep, I simply set it to track and forgot about it.

Being someone that loves visual data, I found the analysis I received on my iPhone the next morning so interesting. I often wondered why I felt so tired in the mornings when I seemed to spend around 9 hours in my bedroom a night. However, the analytics showed I slept for 7 and a half hours on average and woke up frequently in the night (a possible side effect of having two young children).


The app offers daily advice on improving sleep with suggestions for me mostly around doing more exercise which I’ve since adopted and you can read about that here.

As a reader of my blog, you are probably someone who sets big goals and wants to achieve great things. The quality of your sleep is a huge factor in many successful people’s achievements. You can check out the sleep patterns of 21 highly successful people in an infographic by Home Arena here and see how you match up.

The lovely folk at ResMed have also invited me to giveaway one of these amazing S+ devices to one of my readers. Use the widget below to enter or buy one now on Amazon.

Disclosure: I was given an S+ by ResMed for the purposes of this review. All opinions are my own.

S+ by ResMed Sleep Monitoring Device


  1. Natalie Newham

    I don’t think there’s much that can’t be improved through a good night’s sleep! Lack of sleep affects one’s mood, appetite, energy levels, skin health, mental health and long-term physical health – Any way I can get a better night’s sleep is welcomed by me!

  2. Tracy Hanley

    Been able to stay awake for the rest of the day

  3. Susan Smith

    I am sure i would have more energy and of course be in better moods, not having a good nights sleep, i am a nightmare to be with and i just dont have any energy, so tired all the time

  4. Nicola Holland

    Work harder and be more attentive

  5. Sandra Bald

    I think my memory would improve
    May not have to rely on my to do lists so much

  6. Karen Parker

    Wow what a great gadget app perfect for monitoring my possible connection of exercise and sleep related problems.

  7. Paul Halling

    Pay more attention to those around me

  8. Emma Fearn

    Be super alert and focussed in my job as a teacher

  9. Simon Tinsley

    World domination. If I wasn’t so tired you’d all be my slaves by now MWHAHAHAHAHA!

  10. Kat Lucas

    I’ve just started a new business and better sleep could help with focus and getting things done

  11. Gillian Holmes

    I’d be more alert during the day

  12. Katie Skeoch

    I’d love to be a more refreshed mummy in the morning! I’d get so much more done

  13. susan greer

    Excellent product

  14. steven young

    a more positive outlook towards my work.
    When I feel tired I get vert negative towards my job!

  15. James jordan

    Fantastic Prize Giveaway.

    Thank You so much for the chance to win
    Happily Liked & Shared wow

  16. Emma Ellams

    Concentration! My concentration levels are always so low, and I know that this is a combination of no appetite and no sleep. No appetite is also caused by no sleep 🙁

  17. Alan Barrett

    Looks & sounds great

  18. Sarahann

    I’d have more energy and be able to achieve some tasks I’ve been putting off – tackling the garden for one!

  19. Claire Stewart

    Be more focuses and proactive the following day

  20. Kelly Hirst

    I could achieve my goals – top of my list is to write my book which will definitely require many good nights of sleep

  21. Jodie Cook

    I think I would feel more alert and be able to be more productive throughout the day.

  22. Jodi hill

    Not having a little power nap in the day!
    Although it’s hard with a new baby! I’m constantly walking around like a zombie’

  23. Sheila Reeves

    Could get more done in the morning before going to work, would make the evenings easier then too

  24. Corinna Jennings

    I have 8 year old twins, both with autism & I find I am so much more patient & tolerant after a good nights sleep. Not enough sleep affects me in so many ways; mentally & physically. I aim for at least 8 hours a night but both the twins are nightmares for waking up in the night still so I quite often run on 5 or 6 hours…

  25. Charlotte Moore

    Being more energised for an early gym session

  26. Marsha Richardson

    A good days work follows a good nights sleep. More focus to achieve

  27. Roofapw

    More patience and focus and just to wake up feeling refreshed instead of always needing more time to sleep. Or is that just me being lazy?

  28. Alison G Ellis

    I would feel better mentally

  29. Elizabeth Gaskell

    I’d have more energy and just feel better overall for having a good nights sleep. There’s nothing to beat it. Great competition thanks for the chance to win such a fantastic prize. Very happily liked and shared your post and page with pleasure.


    I could achieve more in the next day and be more productive in my daily tasks.

  31. Eleanor Holmes

    After starting on sertraline my sleeping pattern has gone all over the place – this might help me get back on track!

  32. sharon catterall

    id be more alert so i would have more patience and be able to concentrate better when im doing my job,its very hard to concentrate when youve not had enough sleep

  33. Gemma Cook

    I’m currently studying to be a nurse and my studies would certainly benefit from a good nights sleep.

  34. Sarah Fielding

    I would be much more positive and happy in the day!

  35. Janet Birkin

    would be very handy

  36. Emma Louise Elliott

    I’d love to improve my sleep, as I feel I’m such a light sleeper. Like you I should be getting around 8 hours a night but I never wake up refreshed. To have energy to enjoy life to the max and do more would be amazing x


    I would be more focus on my goals and be able to complete more tasks.

  38. Avril Randall

    Rarely feel as if I have had a sleepless night. Would love to win this S+By Resmed to monitor my sleep.

  39. kellyanne mitchell

    I think a better nights sleep would improve my mood,motivation and general well being.

  40. Dale Dow

    I focus better on my forensics coursework after a good nights sleep

  41. paula cheadle

    feel more refreshed to handle situations better

  42. Kalie-Dee Jones

    Common sense! Maybe. I’m pretty muppety at the best of times but when I haven’t slept great that increases 10 fold. The simplest things I often mess up because I’m tired and can’t concentrate and some of the questions I ask get me some odd looks in return.
    Patience is something else I achieve to maintain better when well rested. Having mental health issues I get easily enraged and when I’m tired I’m a complete grouch with no patience at all. And nobody likes that! >.<

  43. Karl Borowy


  44. Carly Belsey

    Having more energy to play and deal with the children and concentrate better at work

  45. Emma h

    Haven’t had a decent nights sleep
    In what feels like forever. I’d like to wake up feeling refreshed and energetic

  46. Jill Fairbanks

    I would feel refreshed and ready easy to start the day and not have to go to bed so early as I am so tired

  47. samantha buntain

    I could have more energy to do things with my little boy and go to work feeling refreshed x

  48. Lara Latchem

    More administration and a better newsletter for the non profit charity I do a very small amount of administration for.

  49. Emma Anderson

    I always feel tired in the morning and it takes me till about 11 am to wake up enough to get out of the house! I would love to be able to feel a bit more perky when I wake, i’m pretty sure its down to waking up a fair bit and not getting a lot of ‘deep’ sleep. My daughter was quite a bad sleeper (still has her moments!) and I think I still wake up a little everytime she makes a noise/moves about even though I don’t need to, I’d love to find out!!

  50. Emma Dormer

    My memory and more energy for family time

  51. natalee gosiewski

    i would feel like a million bucks and could conquer the world

  52. Joanna Kasznicki

    Taking my children out to fun places instead of being so tired

  53. Jemma Dwyer

    more alert during the day and less moody

  54. Kim Neville

    More energy for exercising and keeping up with my son practising gymnastics

  55. caroline stevenson

    being able to not stress out as i have 5 kids argh lol

  56. Nicola Rowson

    Better concentration though out the day, less need to overload on caffeine, a more positive mind

  57. Samantha J Butler

    I would love a good night sleep with a mummy of 4 and a full time carer I’m on the go all the time this would be fantastic help with my sleeping xx

  58. karen

    Having more energy

  59. Tray Ward

    I could definitely use this as I’d be interested to see exactly how much sleep I’m getting because I don’t think it is much

  60. Katie Brealey

    I should ban my iPad from bed but just can’t seem to help myself

  61. Reach the end of a long day and still have energy to hit the gym
    Just what I need help with right now

  62. Vicky Varley

    Make it to see the evening news haha 10.30 is just too late for me….

  63. I think my concentration and energy levels could be improved if I had better sleep.

  64. Priscilla Stubbs

    Get through the day without nodding off after lunch and feeling worse than ever.

  65. Sarah kochan

    I’m much more happier after a good nights sleep. Makes me feel so fresh. I’m grumpy and inpatient if I’ve not slept well

  66. gillian burden

    i would have more energy instead of feeling drained all the time

  67. Amanda noble

    My productivity levels are much higher after a good nights sleep

  68. Gemma Massey

    If I’m completely honest everything will be improved, not fixed but decreased levels of anxiety, depression and stress/panic attacks x

  69. Eliza James

    More patience! I always have better patience with my children when i’v slept well

  70. amy bondoc

    id probably have more energy and be less grumpy! im terribly irritable if i dont have enough sleep

  71. Kimberley davies

    I would be able to concentrate more at work and get a much needed promotion

  72. Julie Edwards

    After a great nights sleep (which is very rare for me) I always have more energy so I am more productive at work.

  73. Susan Sargent

    Make me fresh for the whole day ahead


    I would love just to feel rested. Lack of sleep effects everything in my life down to my pain management and trying to run a busy home.
    Better night sleep would be bliss and hopefully I could take on the world lol x

  75. Hayley Payne

    If I could sleep better I would have so much more energy for the day ahead. I could get so much done with my son in the garden.

  76. Sylvia Paul

    I would be able to get a lot more housework done

  77. amanda greensmith

    i’d have much more get up and go with a good nights sleep

  78. Jason Tolliss

    I’d have more energy to get more work done

  79. nolene oneill

    An all round easy day for everyone!

  80. Deborah Mackenzie

    Iife would be so much better as I would be refreshed and not feel as if I am struggling to get through the day as I feel tired and exhausted all the time. It would mean I could tackle those jobs I put off because Im always tired.

  81. Lucie m fish

    I’ve got 4 kids so with a good nights sleep I might be able to do my chores and still have energy to play with them!

  82. Clare Parker

    To function mentally and physically on a daily basis xx

  83. nichola chambers

    id be able to finish my dissertation so i can start practicing as a psych nurse

  84. Jessica Sawyer

    I’d definitely get more work done, around the house and at work!

  85. I could definitely achieve more with my little girl! She is so active despite being the reason my sleep is so rubbish sometimes lol! I’d love to have a great nights sleep, feel refreshed and have lots of energy to chase her around!

  86. Louise Gifford

    I think with quality sleep I would just be more productive first thing, instead of taking about 4 hours to wake up and get my brain functioning properly!

  87. allison brown

    My quality of life – I average 3 hours a night at the minute – combination of unrest, and a few months of being unwell. Anything that helps me stay asleep or learn to sleep better must be a good thing.

  88. Pia S

    I’d like nothing better than to be able to be a good Mum to my 3 kids, work and sort out the home without constantly yawning, my sleep has been terrible for years 🙁

  89. Angela Paull

    Better sleep definitely improves my memory and the extra energy I have after a good night means I achieve so much more the day after

  90. Rebecca lis

    I would probably be a little less grumpy and able to get out and do some exercise

  91. Ruth Wollerton

    If I got a better night sleep – I would be more energised, more patient and my brain power would improve (hopefully). Thanks for the chance xxx

  92. Kimberly goldsmith

    My mood and to be able to stay awake all day!

  93. A better night’s sleep would likely help me feel less fatigued during the day. Could improve sense of Wellbeing etc.

  94. Doreen Mccarthy

    I don’t sleep well at all, I could do so much more after having a good nights sleep, like work that I do from home which seems to be more of a bind when I am sat there trying to concentrate

  95. Juliette morrison

    My concentration levels would be so much better

  96. Marjoleine Kok

    I would have a much better attention span – Much needed at work as I deal with money !!!

  97. S verma

    More focus and attention to detail x

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