It’s Friday 13th and it’s snowing. In many places it’s a mere dusting but some areas have seen a decent flurry. Whilst it’s great for the kids and let’s be honest, if you’ve not got to work, it can be fun for adults too, for the elderly, disabled and many others it can be an absolute nightmare.

So in this blog post, I’d love to share with you just a few random acts of kindness you might like to do whilst the snow is on the ground!

  1. If you have a neighbour who you know will struggle in the snowy conditions, go clear their driveway or path of snow. Imagine waking up and being worried about the weather then seeing a nice clear path to use! It could make a huge difference to them.
  2. Offer to collect shopping for neighbours and friends who would otherwise walk or use public transport. Better still, a surprise care package of fresh bread, milk, some fruit, biscuits etc would be a lovely surprise to leave on their doorstep.
  3. De-ice the car windows of either your neighbours or your co-workers, just because. It’ll mean they’re not outside getting frostbitten fingers and you’ll feel good to have done something caring.
  4. If you’re walking and see someone struggling, go offer your arm to them. It sounds like a very personal gesture and as typically standoffish Brits, we may not feel entirely comfortable with this, but many people have devastating fractures from falls at this time of year. Prevent just one!
  5. If there are homeless people in your neighbourhood, get them a hot coffee and sandwich if you can afford to, and if you’d like to make a new friend, invite them into the Starbucks / Costa etc with you. They’ll get to properly warm up and you’ll get a little insight into how truly blessed your life is, no matter how you might feel on any given day!
  6. Check on your elderly friends and relatives. So many seniors don’t want to be a burden on their nearest and dearest so won’t mention that their heating is on the blink, or they’re suffering with a cough and can’t get out to buy medicine. Be proactive in ensuring they’re OK.
  7. Same goes for single parents. It can be a real struggle juggling children in icy conditions. Check in and see if you can run some errands to make their life a little easier.

None of these are costly things to do. Some are completely free, others would cost you a fiver at most. All will make someone else’s day and will warm you from the inside out, I promise!

I’d love to hear what else you do as a Random Act of Kindness in snowy weather. Share your suggestions in the comments for other people to try! Enjoy the snow!