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The All-important Inaugural Post

Welcome. You’ve just stumbled upon the beginnings of what I hope will be a blog that makes you and many other people who happen upon it, smile.

Having worked in marketing for over 20 years and finding that I am hiring more and more bloggers for campaigns in recent times, I’ve spotted a gap in the market. A big, gaping chasm in fact. Whilst there are lots of excellent mummy bloggers, lifestyle writers, foodies and socialites out there – and I follow many of them – there aren’t any that I could find that were about setting and achieving big goals and giving something back along the way.

So that’s what this blog is.

So who am I? I’m Kay, I’ve run a marketing agency for well over 20 years now which I set up as a teenager. It’s afforded me a great quality of life and many would say looking in that I am blessed, and I am. But it’s not quite as simple a backstory as that. There have also been considerable heartaches along the way, most challengingly, my husband and sister both getting cancer within a year of each other not all that long ago. Fortunately, they are both cancer free now and there isn’t a day goes by when I’m not grateful for that.

My husband and I both believe in karma, at it’s most basic level. Do good and good will come back to you. Sometimes it’s been challenging to stick to that philosophy when he’s sat in a bed having chemo and it feels more like our mantra should be “No good deed goes unpunished”. You see, we attract RAOK opportunities. That’s Random Acts of Kindness to the uninitiated.

Lost child in a department store, it’s always us they come to. Pensioner slips and falls, we’re there to catch them. The person in the car park next to us with the flat battery, we get them going again. This probably happens to everyone occasionally but to us, this happens ALL THE TIME!

So we decided to embrace it. When the good times are a-rolling, we’ll go in and pay for the next patron’s petrol as well as our own. Or buy the person next in line a Starbucks. My 7 year old son cannot keep a grip on his own pocket money if there’s a charity box nearby. It’s addictive. Of course, as we’re in business and self-employed, the good times don’t always roll, and in those situations, you have to be smarter. Writing a little note of kindness to tell a stranger they are appreciated, taking time to write some reviews for shops you’ve enjoyed buying from on Facebook, giving a LinkedIn endorsement to someone you’ve done business with. These things cost nothing but time but they make a big difference to someone else’s day.

And of course, to our own. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not telling you this to suggest I am a selfless individual. No, I’m actually very selfish in doing these things, as it really makes ME feel good when someone else gets a cheeky surprise I have created. But imagine what would happen if we all did this. If each of us, took just a moment each day to do one small thing for another person. How great a world would we all live in?

So this blog, as well as sharing stories of my home, family and life, will also be reminding you regularly that little acts of kindness can change the world. Maybe I’ll change your world, maybe you’ll change mine.

Keep reading this blog and you’ll find out.


  1. Niki Marie Wardle

    Hi Kay, just thought I’d say Hi, great article I couldn’t agree more and I always feel a little brighter knowing I’ve helped someone! As someone once said, kindness can be its own reward. Good luck!

  2. Just stumbled upon your site today via Twitter and it is so encouraging that there are people not just out for what they can get out of life! Wonderful – if we all put a little bit back every day what a wonderful world it would become 🙂

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