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Why The Stigma Around Material Goals?

Back in my early twenties I set some big material goals. Owning a very large house, a sports car and a grand piano were what my mind told me financial success looked like, and I wanted it. Back then, through naivety, I shared these goals with anyone who’d listen intent on making them as real as I could in my mind to keep me on track until I achieved them.

Don’t get me wrong, I had some great goals around giving others gainful employment, supporting charities etc but this post is about material goals. Now, what sort of reaction do you think I generally got. Pats on the back for thinking big? Curious questions on my strategy to achieve such massive goals? I think you already know what the reactions largely were.

Negative. Not just negative though, judgemental too. Why are you so materialistic? There’s more to life than money. It won’t make you happy. Why don’t you just be realistic?

I think the latter was the worst one. Who ever achieves something great in their lives, in business, in any arena by being realistic?

It’s expected that most people will have a goal to be a homeowner, and that’s a respectable goal. But to say you want a large, expensive home, that’s not cool. Learning to drive is a fabulous goal which gives you independence, but wanting to drive a Bentley GT, that’s ostentatious.

Now your goals may not be monetary or if they are, they might be on less of a grand scale and that’s OK. I’m not saying you should have massive financial or material goals. What I’m saying is if you do, that’s OK too! Don’t be embarrassed, don’t let other people put you down and make out it’s something to be ashamed of because it’s not.

Those people you see driving round in the Ferraris and Bentleys are often business owners, doing all they can to fuel their local and national economies; they’re sports people who have gotten to the top of their fields, or they’re people who have maybe given up holidays for years in their quest to own their dream motor.

So without fear of judgement I’ll tell you I’m working towards getting another Bentley this year. I was lucky enough to be driving a beautiful black GT just 3 years ago but I gave it up when I was pregnant and couldn’t get in our out without some sort of pulley system. I’m not proving anything to anyone, I just love the driving style and the aesthetic of a Bentley.

Now you. Do you have a material goal you’d love to achieve? One you’ve dared not voice for fear of judgement… Tell me! I would love to cheer each and every one of you on in your quest. It isn’t selfish to enjoy some luxuries for yourself. We all work hard, so why not?

You can also comment here on each other’s goals but I’ll moderate anything which isn’t in the spirit of this page. Let’s be supportive and not judge. I am also giving away a £50 Amazon gift card to get one of you started towards your goal!

£50 Amazon Gift Card

PS. I achieved all 3 of those goals from my early 20s at the age of 26. You can too!


  1. Christine Evans

    I want to travel the world; I have managed Oz, New Zealand, Peru and a lot of Europe but still have so much more I want to see

  2. Lindsey Stuart

    I would love to be able to save a little more! I could easily do this if I gave up spending so much money on eating out.
    I dream of being able to own my own home and have a nice car (I currently have an old corsa) the only way I can see me being able to buy my own home and have a nice car is by either winning the lottery or really save HARD! 🙂

  3. Ross Hanney

    I’d like to have my own home, but although I have a reasonable amount of savings I could use as a deposit, my salary isn’t particularly high, so I don’t think I’d currently be able to borrow enough. I guess I need to talk to the boss about a pay rise… 😛

    • theserandomacts

      Or is there something else you could do to earn money beyond your day job to help increase your earnings?

  4. Diane Waugh

    I would love to have more money. I could cut back on shopping and start saving.

  5. Joanne Hutchings

    I’d love to live in a big Victorian house like you see in Escape to the Country. I’m not sure how I’m going to achieve it; I think it’s going to take time and luck as well as hard work.

    • theserandomacts

      Do you know how much your dream house would cost? When do you see yourself living there? If you start to really think in detail about it, ways to propel yourself towards your goal will start coming into your mind.

  6. Fay Norris

    Mine is more of a dream than a goal. I would love an average sized house with a garden. The only way i could make that happen would be to quit my job & get a new one. I run a guest house you see, & I live in a small flat next door. I would’nt be able to move anywhere more than 30 seconds away from the business unfortunately as I am on call 24/7

  7. barbara daniels

    to open an ISA

    • theserandomacts

      Good plan! Do you know what type of ISA and how you’ll fund the account?

  8. I dont have big goals at the moment as I have set myself a deadline for when I’m ready to do big things, but for now I am saving on new sofa bed, slowly but we will get there

    • theserandomacts

      Achieving little goals and big goals require the same focus so once you’ve proven you can, you’ll set more and achieve more than you ever realised you could.


    id love to be able to go back to work and i think i can acheive this by taking medication and resting up,x

  10. Carol Thomas

    I want to save enough to take my husband and 3 eldest youngsters with their families out to New Zealand to spend time with our youngest son who lives out their now.

    With 2 abroad (my daughter is in Canada) my youngest in N-Z and the 2 older boys (who are all bigger than me BTW) still here in The U.K (they all didn’t want to escape us. Ha) it would be a dream come true as the last time I had them all together was nearly 10 years ago.

    It has never happened with all of them and there partners and offspring. A dream that is materialistic as well as emotional too.

    For me I have been there done it with all the material goals and it bought me nothing but misery with the ex. I live on far less today and I am happy. I have a strong stable loving home and family.

    Things money can’t buy however rightly so we also need money for the things in life that bring us pleasure however that maybe. However that doesn’t mean I dont like material things cos I do. Good luck to anyone starting out to get them. We have helped fund ours through uni so they can have all the dreams they want.

    A nice balance of both is good and to me is the perfect aim to be financially and emotionally/spiritually stable and happy. Few get to have both. Good luck to them.

    To have us all together again will cost us about £10 k. Is it doable? Ofcourse it is? Tell me something is impossible? I will tell you ”impossible is a dare”

    • theserandomacts

      I LOVE this comment! I think I’ll adopt “Impossible is a dare”. I can’t wait to hear from you again telling me you’ve pulled that £10k together.

  11. Jo Glasspool

    We need a new car. lots of saving and overtime to do.

    • theserandomacts

      But it can be done! Do you know exactly what the car will cost and do you have a plan to get you there?

  12. Charlie Brunton

    I would love to buy the house that I’m currently renting but I don’t think it would ever happen!

  13. Beverley Cousins

    I want to be debit free!

  14. Deborah Clarke

    Id just like enough money to get married to my wonderful fiance. I cant work at the mo due to servere anxiety, PTSD and agoraphobia. To make my dream happen im beginning therapy to get myself well enough to find a part time job. Its difficult on one income.

  15. I want to go abroad 🙂

  16. Rachael Ashmore

    I want to start a private pension and start planning for my future

  17. Joanna Kasznicki

    I would like to start saving a little a month to buy my own home.

    • theserandomacts

      That’s a fantastic goal, do you know what sort of house you’d like and what that is going to cost? That will help you get clear on the deposit you’ll need to save.

  18. samantha currie

    i want to save so i can go to all the places i didnt get in 2016

  19. dawn f

    a big family holiday, as there are 6 of us it doesn’t come cheap as we really want to enjoy our time away, so this year I have set myself savings goals and I have written budgets which I must stick too to make this dream a reality, I have never been good with money but this year is my year that I will change that!

    • theserandomacts

      That sounds so wonderful and writing down your budgets and savings goals will make all the difference. I wish you every success.

  20. Mary Wilson

    I ant to pay my mortgage off earlier and save to go Back packing x

    • theserandomacts

      What an incredible goal? Paying it off early means paying out less in interest too!

  21. I would love to clear my debts I am trying to save more money each month

    • theserandomacts

      Have you got a clear handle on the exact amount of debt you need to clear and have you broken that down into reachable targets?

  22. Louise Burgess

    I want to save for our own home, which means getting out of debt first 🙁

  23. Susan Smith

    I would love to buy a holiday home in the sun and a home which i can move in to when i retire, I have to save up, as i dont want to get in to debt and that is something i am not very good at, but if i want this to happen, then i have to change my ways

  24. Kelly Hemmings

    I’d love to visit my mum in Australia & every penny & competition counts towards my flight over there.

  25. Ragan Bennett

    i would love to own my own, so saving up for a good deposit is key

  26. Sarah Mcvicar

    i’m determined to star Christmas shopping earlier this year. Already started saving with vouchers but having all 5 childrens birthdays in november and December is hard going

  27. Emma Smiley

    I would love to own a house eventually and to buy a new car. I’ve such terrible luck with cars though would love a chance at having a brand new one.

    • theserandomacts

      Imagine how you’d feel driving round in it too. Knowing it would be reliable and safe as well as reminding you daily of your ability to achieve your goals!

  28. Rebecca

    I’m starting a Community Land Trust so that I can finally get on the property ladder!

  29. Margaret

    A new state of the art kitchen
    Next year is when i plan to have enough funds
    Not through penny pinching
    Simple measures such as cooking from scratch- walking instead of a car-energy meters and efficient home equipment
    Surprising how pennies make pounds

    • theserandomacts

      Hey Margaret, a new kitchen is part of my plan this year. Have you worked out all the appliances you’ll want, and picked out the flooring, units, counter tops and lighting? I’m taking my time and tweaking my plan to make sure it’s 100% suited to our family life as the kitchen is absolutely the heart of our home as I’m sure it is yours.

  30. Nicki simpson

    I would love to have a hot tub, could never have one in the middle of the current estate we live on but this is the ultimate goal when I think of our future!

  31. Carly Belsey

    I would love to have enough money for my retirement and so my kiddies are looked after and don’t have to worry either. I need to work harder at this! Failing that lots of lotto tickets are to be bought!!

    • theserandomacts

      Well you can’t rely on Lotto Carly so you need to make this happen. Do you know how much you’ll need for your retirement so you can start working towards this wonderful goal?

  32. Ellie S

    My material goal is to own some authentic artwork. They say you should only fill your home with things you truly love and appreciate but the truth is, I hate all the cheap prints and framed posters that hang on my walls – personally, I’d rather just have plain, empty walls but that would make my home seem soul-less and drab so if I could afford to, I’d buy beautiful paintings of things that I like and I’d love to commission an artist to create paintings specially for me so I could adorn the walls of my home with real art.

    • theserandomacts

      I love that. I bet you’d spend hours enjoying your beautiful art. Why not start going to galleries to see the kinds of paintings you are drawn to?

  33. Dale Dow

    I’d love to save enough to travel Route 66

  34. Jules Eley

    I would love to be able to take my children on holiday EVERY YEAR we will be going on our first holiday this year in 4 years.

    • theserandomacts

      We did our first big family holiday to Greece and it was wonderful so I feel the same as you. It’s something we want to do EVERY YEAR and in style too! I wish you every success in making that goal a reality!

  35. Tee simpson

    I would love to buy a bigger home and also be able to afford a car. To achieve this I need to go back to work but its not worth it atm as I would have to pay a substantial amount in childcare

    • theserandomacts

      Is there a way around that? Do you have skills that would allow you to work at home?

  36. We are hoping to buy a house this year, I’m wanting somewhere big enough for all 3 kids to have their own space. And of course a craft room/office for me.

  37. Love the post! I think you are right. It is ok to think and then achieve big. My goal is to transition to a full-time blogger within two years. I want to leave my profession of 13 years and have the freedom to travel, vacation and do things that I am passionate about. Thanks for this inspiring post!

    • theserandomacts

      Thanks Adrienne! I love that goal and with hard work, I’m sure you can make that a reality!

  38. Beky austerberry

    In the long run I would love to own a house

  39. Kim Neville

    We are being careful with money and putting some money aside each month so we can take the family on a holiday to Mauritius to see family never met before. So expensive to go but will be worth it 🙂

    • theserandomacts

      That sounds like an incredible trip to make. Goals like this are always a joy to achieve!

  40. I’d love to buy a villa somewhere warm, perhaps Spain or Portugal, initially as a holiday home, but maybe somewhere to retire to in the long-term

    • theserandomacts

      Great long term goal to have. You could rent it out in the shorter term and that could fund your retirement! It’s a lot better value to buy in Spain than in the UK so it might not be quite the stretch you are expecting!

  41. Katie

    Would love to open an ISA

    • theserandomacts

      Great goal. You could start with just saving a small amount each month and then add to it whenever you can!

  42. michelle o'neill

    im trying to save so i can go on a different city break every coupke of months, see new places x

    • theserandomacts

      How interesting. I love that goal. Do you have a map with some pins in that you can look at every day to keep you focussed?

  43. Tina Glover

    We are trying to save so we can move closer to our daughters school and my works. The school run takes 40 minutes one way on a good run. If Im on a day off then its an hour and a half round trip – and then back again at 3.30! x

    • theserandomacts

      Hey Tina, just think about all that extra family time you’ll get to enjoy. I’m sure that will keep you on track with your goal.

  44. Alica

    We desperately need a new car but unfortunately due to my multiple chronic health conditions I am unable to work. I am hopefully going to get some much needed help from the pain management team later this year which will then enable me back in to part time work and much better financial stability 🙂

  45. Jodi Hill

    I’d love to be able to afford a deposit on a house 🙂
    Not gonna manage it this year with the new baby….maybe next 🙂

    • theserandomacts

      I’m sure if you think smart Jodi, you can make some in-roads towards your goal even whilst home with the baby!

  46. Pauline jaconelli

    I’d love to win this to put towards a Polaroid zip (a mobile photo printer) I really can’t justify paying the money for it when I have to boys to provide for. I love planners/scrapbooking and memory keeping and this would just be the handiest little device to print out my pictures of the boys

  47. Sarah Archibald

    I’ve entered this year as a single parent , that previously mainly relied on my fiances wage and my self employment earnings allowed us extra treats, so my goal is to make sure I can have a reliable income for my daughter and I, and to manage to pay off what’s left of our debts, and start saving to take her on holiday, they may not seem like huge goals, but in my current circumstances, they are, and they are achievable if I work hard and shop smart.

    • theserandomacts

      Just know that you are more than capable and feel proud with every achievement along the way. There may be obstacles along the way but you can do this!

  48. Laura Chesmer

    I’d really like to be able to afford a painting by my favourite local artist

  49. Sarah

    I want a huge – Japanese style, sunk into the floor bathtub! Although I have to save up for a big enough house first lol – but I’m going to make it happen one day!

    • theserandomacts

      Amazing. Do you have a picture you can keep looking at for motivation?

  50. Michaela Hannah

    My financial goal is to own a second property and i can achieve that by saving and finishing off our current property


    may start a ebay business soon

  52. Susan Greer

    My Goal is to travel more in 2017, we start by going to Chicago and Michigan for our son’s wedding.

    • theserandomacts

      I only really got into travelling in my 30’s and I wish I’d started years ago. It’s such a wonderful experience. I hope you make lots of magical memories on your journies!


    My only Goal at the minute is owning a NEW car, Not a 2nd hand 1 that needs repairing every few months.

    • theserandomacts

      Great goal. Why not find a photo of one you’d love to own and pin it up somewhere you’ll see it every day so it can keep you on track with your goal.

  54. My material weakness is holidays I would love to go to Boston

    • theserandomacts

      It’s not a weakness. It’s fabulous to work hard and treat yourself to the experience of travel, meeting new people and experiencing different cultures!

  55. Karen Barrett

    Six months in Australia over the Summer with my Australian family and the other six months of the year in the UK with my English family, soon to be achieved when hubby retires.

  56. maria dhillon

    i want to travel all of india and also own my own vineyard big ambition

  57. Rebecca Alderson

    To pay off all my debt and have a home I’m truly proud of!

  58. Mary H

    I want to get a better paid job so we can start a family. Bought our first house a year ago this month so it feels like the right time to have a baby.

  59. Hannah Scudder

    I want to save as much money as I can this year so we can move.

    • theserandomacts

      Do you have a plan in place Hannah for how you’ll get that money saved up?

  60. Familysmith

    I dream of owning my own house and one day owning a holiday house, maybe in Italy!

  61. Kathryn Davies

    I would love to take a cruise up the Mekong river.

  62. Melissa Crowe

    Hope to own my home and bit of land one day,

  63. Perr Nish

    I would like to travel more but I will need to increase my income. I used to sell items on eBay some years ago, I think it’s time to re-start my little online business 🙂

  64. sharon stanley

    I am currently fighting the hospital that sterilized me without my permission. My goal is definitley to get them to pay for a reversal. Failing that my goal will be to save up enough money myself before time runs out for me.

    • theserandomacts

      I wish you success with your goals and to feel your situation has been resolved in a way that gives you peace.

    • Jayne Townson

      What a terrible thing to happen, good luck in getting the result you want.

  65. Johanne Currie

    I dream of owning my own house and one day owning a holiday house, maybe in Italy!

  66. bella smyth

    Hope to own my home soon

  67. stephanie whitehurst

    We are hoping to own our first home this year or the beginning of next year. ☺

  68. Sara Goodman

    I’d love to replace my kitchen which is falling apart. I’m trying really hard to put money away in order to do this… I’d love to see it happen!

  69. Rebecca mercer

    I’d love to be mortgage and debt free

  70. Sarah Fielding

    I would love to just have enough worry where I don’t have to be worrying about it 🙂

  71. Amy Dickson

    I currently rent and would love to be able to own my own house with a library and mini cinema!

  72. holly harmsworth

    A new car nothing fancy just something that isn’t going to break down on me. I could get this by saving money which I don’t do at the moment

  73. Ellen Sheppard

    My financial goal is to own my own home, going to be a long time saving though! 🙁

  74. Laura Bryant

    I want to go 3 weeks Australia

  75. Di Dilly

    I am going to win the lottery (or die trying lol)

  76. Nicola Dow

    To pay off my car and be debt free.

  77. Rebecca MacBain

    I’d just like to pay my credit card off ! That’s enough for me!

  78. John Ettery

    I love to travel and would one day love to see Niagra falls, then the northern lights

  79. Jenny loat

    Brilliant blog. I agree with everything you said

  80. Corinna Jennings

    As twee as it sounds, my ultimate goal is contentment & peace of mind. It really doesn’t matter to me whether I have money. As long as I can keep a roof over my head, petrol in my car & food on my table, the rest is just a bonus. The ultimate gift for me is the feeling that my life is good, my family are okay & I can sleep soundly at night

  81. Nikki Hayes

    I want a new desktop PC – I don’t actually need one yet as my 6 year old machine is going fine but I really really want one 😀

  82. gemma hendry

    looking to get a 2 bedroom house this year

  83. Vicki Macdonald

    I’d love to be Debt Free & save up to visit my best friend who lives in South Carolina USA 🙂

  84. Miss Tracy Hanson

    I would love to own my own place. Just something big enough for me (and my clutter). But love old properties so might have to win the lottery first. Good luck with everyone’s dreams and goals.

  85. Becki Gates

    My goal is to have enough money saved so my children can go into further education if they want to when the time came. Something I couldn’t do due to funding. Each of my children have a savings account and I put a little in each month to reach this goal.

  86. Chris Hall

    I am saving up for my 14 year old grandson to go on holiday on his every first holidy. He has really bedn through a rough time and he never said a word to anyone. It breaks my heart to think what he has endured, he is not the slightest bit bitter just looking forward to his new life.

  87. Julie Whittaker

    Pay off all my debts by the end of the year!!

  88. Caroline Smith

    To take my children to Disney World in florida whilst they are still young enough to enjoy it 🙂

  89. Kim W

    I need to save for my pension but it’s almost too late.

  90. fab prize, my ultimate goal for this year is to do my place up to my taste and liking and style

  91. marsha richardson

    I want to own my own home. Nothing fancy. Seems impossible but i’m saving like mad to make it happen

  92. Rebecca Browne

    Live each day as it comes

  93. Rebecca roberts

    I’d love to save save save and not spend spend spend !

  94. Natalie Crossan

    To retire YOUNG 😀

  95. Would love to pay off all my debts and get the deposit money to put down on a mortgage.

  96. Hayley Todd

    My goals are to be able to travel to the places on my dream destination list. At the moment it is not a financial option for me, but I am hoping that by starting the new year with a savings goal every month that I will be able to achieve this dream of mine.

  97. Steve

    I’m just looking to improve my self employment income, and to generate and build a passive income.

  98. Sara lock

    Working hard for a luxury holiday
    We all must have our treats in life

  99. Anna Brown

    My goal is to own our own home outright and have financial security

  100. Emma Choonage

    We’re currently saving with our local credit union which had made saving much easier. We’re saving towards a family holiday to the united states. We’ve made lots of cut backs to make this happen. I’ve stopped paying full price for anything and now only buy in the sales. It’s cutting back on the smallest of things which have made a real difference.

  101. Julie Booth

    My financial goal is to be able to retire at 60 and be able still to go on holiday twice a year at least

  102. Kate Davies

    I’d love to take our son on his first holiday abroad so we are saving up.

  103. Theresa Alison

    Saving up so we can completely re decorate our house , almost finished kitchen and started on one of the bedrooms . Financial goal would be to hopefully save the rest of the money up to get the whole house done this year ( if we can afford it ). I would love to to be deft free and to make this happen we would need a miracle lol <3

  104. Deborah Mackenzie

    We are putting money aside so that we can go to South Africa, I am from that part of the world and have not seen my family for over 20 years.

  105. Caroline Huby

    I dream of living in Greece 🙂

  106. Michelle Cheeseman

    I would like to pay the mortgage of as soon as possible. We plan on cutting the term down a little each time we renew the mortgage.

  107. Sunita Verma

    I.would like to have my.bathroom professionally decorated so i am food shopping wisely and saving money an8s keeping nights out to a minimum

  108. Julianne moseley

    I would love to own my own home and visit family in australia

  109. sara owen

    mines is to travel the world and hopefully years of srusying and hard work will help

  110. I would like to feel secure. Having worked for many years it would be nice to have a leisurely, happy retirement. Some trips away, meals out, entertainment at theatre etc would be wonderful. Yet seems a dream given economic climate etc.

  111. Lisa Mcalley

    Oh i have decided that i will be more positive in thinking because at the end of jan my 3 kids and i were in a taxi and a dangerous driver came straight into the front of it, i swear my life flashed in front of me, for a few minutes i thought we were dead. We are all laid up recovering but its changed my outlook on life, from now on i will stop dwelling on the past and be more positive and grateful for what we have, and have much more fun with my 3 kids.

    • theserandomacts

      So glad you are all OK, sounds like a very scary time which you have since turned to your advantage.

  112. Sharon worsley

    To pay off our mortgage in the next three years and then start saving for an early retirement

  113. Jackie Roberts

    I’m aiming to try and pay for my teenagers driving lessons and a small car, expensive but being rural they need independence and I need a break from being a taxi driver.

  114. My goal this year is to save as much as i can towards much needed home improvements. Off to a good start so far with the Hubby quitting smoking! So well done to him as it all goes into the pot 🙂 X x


    I would like to buy a house, Right now I’m saving money for deposit.

  116. Emma h

    Trying to save as have to sell my house and find another similar sized home with a smaller budget.

  117. Elizabeth Marshall

    My Uncle Eric lives in Australia, he emigrated when he was 16. My four year old twin girls love seeing him when he comes over every year. What I would really love is to take my whole family over to Australia to visit him. I know my girls would love it so much, a bit of a long plane journey but well worth it. I’d better start saving now for the Summer after next.

  118. Amanda Botterill

    I would love to be able to provide my children with enough for deposits on their first homes, I will have to seriously downsize to do that!

  119. Eliza James

    My goal is to get a new car by the summer and I’m upping my game as a reseller to achieve it!

  120. Emma Anderson

    I want to travel the world with my children, there are so many amazing places I would love to experience with them!

  121. charlotte bell

    My goal is to own my own home!

  122. joanne oneill

    I want to set up my own business selling quality wooden toys-need some finance behind me first but cant wait to work for myself!

  123. Christine Edmonds

    Move to a nicer area.

  124. sarah wells

    I’ve worked hard and saved and live in my dream cottage, I will continue to do so so I can get it just how I want it. I also want to see more of the world and do at least one long haul holiday a year. I’m coupon and voucher savvy but only buy things I want and need and I am prepared to do without till I have saved enough money and things I want are on sale.

  125. laura pyper

    I would love to pay off all the debt we are in and buy a nice cottage

  126. Claire Elizabeth Noke

    To have our wedding paid off by the end of this year (getting married next year) 🙂 x

  127. Karin hope

    Would love to win your giveaway currently having to have time off work due to a back injury fingers crossed consultant will allow me back to work later this month keeping fingers tight crossed they won’t have to operate

  128. Andrew

    Clearing my mortgage and being comfortable to holiday each year

  129. I would love to clear debt and then buy an MX5!

  130. Paula

    I have started saving all my £2 coins for buying some new kitchen equipment as mine is getting a bit past it, and I could do with new, but I can’t afford to go out a buy new. I do a lot of cooking as it’s one of my hobbies, creating new foods

  131. Tammy Neal

    I would love to have more money. I could cut back on shopping and start saving.

  132. carrie jennings

    id just like to be financally stable for my childrens future

  133. karen Howden

    I would love to fund a 3 month trip to new zealand, touring in a campervan

  134. Gemma newton

    For us one would be a house with a driveway and a garage, not much to some but it would be one of the main things.
    To make this happen wet just need to save as much as possible to get a mortgage and make it happen

  135. Kirsty Woods

    I would love to save a bit so i have something to fall back on WHEN things go wrong

  136. zoe dennett

    Would love to have a nice car

  137. Scott Fallon

    I want to finally learn how to drive and get a car. Need to save up though.

  138. Catherine

    I’d love to go on holiday – my financial goal is to save enough to make this happen

  139. Samantha Walker

    My current financial goal is to cut my debt by half this year. It feels a huge expectation as money is tight but I’m determined to try my best by raising extra cash for things such as days out etc by selling old items and not wasting cash. Trying survey websites, cashback websites and entering competitions.

  140. tammi nutting

    i would love to buy some land and build my dream house

  141. Lisa Mauchline

    Well done on your achievements so far and go get that new Bentley!!!

    Our goal is to pay our mortgage off earlier than we planned. We over pay every month to make it happen and so far I think we’ve nocked off 2 years

  142. I want to buy a house <3
    iv'e almost managed that goal, but will have to start small with a flat 🙂

  143. Jayne hall

    id love to have enough money to travel the world and have a holiday home in the caribbean

  144. Zoe Spinner

    A holiday home in South Africa is my dream

  145. sammy

    I want to be sipping coffey in a new york coffey shop by 2018

  146. samantha buntain

    My financial goal is to save up for a deposit for our families first house

  147. Jayne Townson

    We would love to move house, so our children can have more space. We’re trying to save so we can make this a dream.

  148. Victoria Deacon

    Saving enough to build an extension for my parents to come live with me

  149. Kathryn O'Hagan

    Ive thought long and hard about this and I would rather be able to make my sons life comfortable for his future nothing to much because I wouldn’t want him to not appreciate hard earned cash just enough that I could make his life less of a struggle.

  150. Simon Tinsley

    I actually did it 10 years ago. I paid off my mortgage at the age of 30. It was hard work but no one can ever take my house from me.

  151. jade rice

    my goal is to try save up for a morgage would love to own my own home for my family 😀

  152. Jason Tolliss

    Move into my own place

  153. Carys Rainford

    I would love to take my family back to disneyland paris so my daughter can meet her favourite princess Belle xx

  154. Stacey Gahan

    I’d love to be able to afford to get married but we have a low income so money is tight, all we can really do is save a little and keep trying

  155. Helen Hames

    I would LOVE to own my own home I’m sick of having to move and being unstable for my 3 year old xx

  156. Laura Findlay

    I would love to own my home rather than rent x

  157. Gemma Chantler

    I just dream of becoming a home owner!

  158. Lindsay Davies

    I’m currently saving hard to update my kitchen… then do up our garden so we will be able to enjoy when we do have nice weathers… we will get there with plenty of over time and de cluttering around the house.

  159. jackie beckett

    I am trying to give up Smoking and i will do it but its hard

  160. Pia S

    Our goal is to one day buy a barn or an old house in France and totally make it our own’ haven’t got any plans yet as to how we make it happen…lottery win would help heh

  161. Keeley Shaw

    I would love to own a house, we currently rent a 2 bedroom flat and my children of 9 and 17(of the opposite sex) have to share a room. We would need a massive deposit and really well paid jobs, or a lottery win to achieve this though.

  162. Rajee Pandi

    I love to travel the wold with my family and love to save more

  163. jessica woods

    I dream of being a social worker i am going to go to university:)

  164. Jessica Slater

    To save up to start my own subscription business

  165. I would love to clear my debt and have enough deposit to buy my dream house with my husband – I plan to enter more competitions to get to my goal!! lol – well either that or start up my own business..not sure what I would do..maybe a youtuber lol!

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